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    Taking A Break from From Dag

    Hello all,


    We have.been in this game together for 10 years. Even if we didn't always agree and often did, it was always fun. I'm not sure news junkie is something really me anymore and I'm about to detour.

    I wish you all the best!




    Only a decade? seems like just a few years ago...
    Hope you find something to focus on, a productive energy draw - seems a bit like you're grasping for something more solid, and it's not in all these news blurbs. But nice blogging, come back anytime (if useful/healthy/whatevs - or just to say hi & leave...)
    Cheers, PP

    Hey you, how nice of you to let  us know so we don't wonder!

    If you like, when you find your new addiction, feel free to promote it here by letting us know as well.

    Also I'm wih PP - if you change your mind about a strict cut-off, please do feel free to shoot off a comment here or there at any time without splainin or conversing - there's no "be social" requirements here

    As a long-ago S.O. used to say instead of good-bye: STAY OUT OF TROUBLE

    I realized while researching for my SSRI thread that some things I wanted to happen had happened in the interval years since I started talking about it. Effexor is now off the market. I hope that shows that I was listening to valid points and not just dismissing them.

    If I do come back, it will be after I figure out what on earth to talk with you guys about. You all are great people.

    No need to put conditions on - come back anytime if or when you feel like it - or even if you don't, what do I know.
    I never noticed you having trouble finding things to discuss, sorry if I broke your balls a few times, nothing personal, just part of following stuff where (I think) it leads.

    I'll be in the comments but I gotta get with the times a bit. It's not 2012.

    Yeah, that damn calendar keeps moving forward 

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