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    Adolf Hitler to be star of new NBC sitcom

    HOLLYWOOD – After decades of being reviled as history’s worst monster, Adolf Hitler has had a surprise resurgence recently, mostly as a result of entertainers like Glenn Beck and others bringing up his name so much. The new attention has paid dividends, however, as Patrick Duffy will star as Hitler in the new NBC sitcom “That’s So Hitler!

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    BP Oil Spill: U.S. to take "ignore it, maybe it'll go away" approach

    WASHINGTON – In an extremely bold maneuver today, the White House today made it clear they were going to take on the British Petroleum oil disaster by ignoring it in the hopes it will just go away.

    “What oil spill? The Gulf of Mexico is fine, just fine,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. “Next question.”

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    The Kagan Dog Whistle Gets Louder

    Today, Ann Gerhart at the Washington Post came right out and said it: Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court is suspect because she is not a mother. So that dog whistle I was complaining about? It's a steam whistle now, very audible and very shrill.

    I'm not going to link to the Gerhart's post, because bad behavior should not be rewarded with traffic. If you want to find it on the WaPo opinions page, her title is "The Supreme Court Needs More Mothers." No, I am not making that up.

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    The Kagan Dog Whistle

    Suddenly, with the Elena Kagan nomination, careerism is a terrible thing.

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    White Supremacy & Hate Groups: A nation-wide problem

    Almost a year ago, NBC reported on the rise of hate groups throughout the U.S.:

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has been tracking hate groups for almost 30 years. In its spring 2009 Intelligence Report, they found that 926 hate groups are currently operating in the U.S., an all-time high. These groups include the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, racist skinheads and Black separatists.

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    U.S. has 24th most free press; DOJ goes after the media

    Freedom of the press has declined for the eighth year in a row, according to Freedom House’s annual report. And while the media has focused on the lack of media freedoms in such places as China and Venezuela, they’ve virtually ignored the U.S. position – No. 24 (PDF).

    And following in the footsteps of the Bush Administration, the Obama Administration seems intent on making the media less free.

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    Andrew Breitbart accuses me of sexual harassment

    I truly enjoy Twitter. I find it a great place to locate new readers, a place to meet a wide variety of people, and a place to be creative.

    Honestly, for a person like me who considers the Internet his own personal comedy routine, Twitter is just perfect. I tend not to deal much with writers’ block, anyway, and Twitter lets me just hurl things against the wall and see what sticks.

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    In A Center-Left Country, we should troll Republicans with our concern

    In America, the weekends are for many things – spending time with family, enjoying outdoor activities and sports and just relaxing. It’s also the determined time for Republicans to Concern Troll the brains out of their Democratic opposition.

    For those on the outs. let me allow Wise Geek to give an example of concern trolling:

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    Humanoid extraterrestrials are living amongst us! (except, they aren't)

    Over at the American Chronicle, they’ve made a discovery of galactic proportions – they have discovered that space aliens live amongst us!

    From the American Chronicle:

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    Let's Go Out to the Movies: Movie Trailer Reviews: VIDEOS

    If you are like me you have been fooled by movie trailers too many times. I’ll see a movie trailer and think to myself, “Hey that kinda seems cool, I’ll go see that in theaters,” and then go to the theaters and be severely disappointed. Or I’ll see a movie trailer and think to myself “Hey that seems like a flaming piece of crap that I will never waste my time on,” and then I’ll see the movie and it will actually be good.
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    How I came to Dominate DagBlog by William K. Wolfrum

    Hey kids, it's me, Bill. I hope you like the headline to this post, as it will be coming in book form soon. And not the Genghis translation of soon, which equals 14 weeks. He's like a Brazilian that way.

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    Ben Roethlisberger's one chance to stay with Pittsburgh Steelers

    Now that the NFL has decreed that un-litigated rape is worthy a four-to-six-week suspension along with a “comprehensive behavioral evaluation by professionals,” the future of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is becoming slightly clearer.

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    The William K. Wolfrum promise – I will never purposefully vomit on you

    Easily the best thing about being a blogger is the ability to control your image. I know there are many bloggers out there who will scream “I keep it real,” but won’t mention the time and details necessary for said realness.

    Myself, for instance. I come off much nicer as a blogger than as a person. And to be honest, it’s not like I come off all that nice as a blogger. I suppose what I’m getting at here, is that I want you all to know more about me.

    I’ve been to jail but not prison.

    I may have committed consensual sodomy in Texas at a time it was illegal.

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    Man accused of vomiting on girl at game is a Conservative Tea Partier

    Recently,  Matthew Clemmens, 21, of Cherry Hill, N.J., was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and other offenses because he chose to show his displeasure to an 11-year-old girl by vomiting on her in the stands at a Philadelphia Phillies’ game.

    Now, while I’m sure Philadelphia management is smart enough to warn children that they have no responsibility over intentional vomit attacks, that’s neither here nor there.

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    Michele Bachmann claims dogs are demons, Jesus is her hair dresser; All this & John McCain on Meet the Press

    Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN), known for her invented attacks on President Barack Obama, today announced that Hollywood is one big Hitler, that adorable little dogs are demons and that Jesus Christ does her hair.

    "He is just so good," said Bachmann.

    Thus will all be discussed next week, along with an exclusive 20-minute interview with John McCain while he bottle feeds a baby deer, next week on Meet the Press.


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    Rape is Rape - it is not a clever political metaphor

    It is astounding that in the Year 2010, so many people still treat the word rape as if it’s a clever description from everything from taxes to actions at sporting events. The pictured cartoon made the rounds on the heels of the passage of health care reform. At seemingly all levels in the world of politics, many consider “rape” to be a true conversational gem:

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    Conservatives tremble as William K. Wolfrum joins up with Alan Colmes

    Showcasing a superb sense of humor to those that have made jokes about him in the past, Alan Colmes of Fox News has signed up yours truly as a contributor at his Web site, Liberaland (www.alan.com).

    While my first post for Colmes (“Why on Earth does Fox News pay Alan Colmes?”) was rejected, my first two official posts are up:



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