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    The Daily Buzz for 2/9/09: (Obama, Gaza, Octuplets, Grammies, Tiger)

    OK, I don't know how many people actually listened to my first attempt at the Daily Buzz, but two people commented they liked it (with reservations), and that's all the encouragement the vain Deadman needed to continue the process. I think I solved the sunglass glare issue, and for whatever reason the slow-motion issue seems absent this time (tho the quality of the video is still atrocious and very dark - perhaps that's appropriate for the deadman, tho!), and alas the length is still too long at just under 6 minutes, though at least 20 seconds of the video is dedicated to showing off my new Snuggie.

    Here are the Yahoo buzz! stories I run down: (The video is below)

    Image: Obama to push stimulus at rally      (Reuters)

    Obama to push stimulus at rally (Reuters)

    Image: Israeli aircraft hit 2 militant targets in Gaza      (AP)

    Israeli aircraft hit 2 militant targets in Gaza (AP)

    Octuplets' grandmother criticizes daughter

    51st Annual Grammy Award Winners Announced!

    Tiger's son Charlie arrives, already favored at '26 Masters


    btw, i just want to point out that in an earlier take, i gave credit to my girlfriend for the Snuggie gift, and I seemed to have forgotten to do so in this version, but credit must be given. she knows her Deadman values comfort above all else!!

    I really like the look that the Snuggie provides in this latest edition, but I do have a few questions:

    1. Was castration voluntary or compulsory?

    2. Is it difficult to find a discount footwear outlet that stocks plain, black and white Nikes?

    3. Given that phenobarbital is odorless and tasteless, what flavor of Kool-Aid do you prefer to mix it in?

    Also, this:

    I cannot believe that somewhere in that commercial an announcer didn't come and on and say, "Now, you too can look like the pope."

    A missed opportunity.

    or a wizard from the Harry Potter movies.

    This is fun! but you gotta stop touching the face.  Hand gestures are good.  Snuggie looks good.  Get some one to pin in up in the back around the neck, not too tight.  Gives you more serious monk like look like maybe you know something.  Great range of topics, shows your depth. So what is the tennis shoes question from DF about?  Is it just a distaction kind of thing? or does he need his own camera?  Could be his comment landed in the wrong post.  Do you all have a tech person around here?  Thank you.

    Dang, I just watched DF's clip.  Did you get that light too?  Are you going to use it?  Does it really unfold like that at the touch of a button?  Does it come with batteries? 

    Yeah, I got the book light (each Snuggie order comes with two blankets and two lights), and it did come with batteries all ready to go. but i will probably not use it much. I love my Mighty Bright booklight, much better design and functionality. the best thing about the snuggie light is the cool way it opens, but other than that, it's just so-so.

    one more annoying thing, my girlfriend ordered the snuggie around 6 weeks before it arrived. now i understand that the ad says to allow take 2-6 weeks for deliver, but you'd think with the Internet, they'd get their act together more quickly. what else do you order anymore and are ok with a 6 week wait?


    See here.

    will try to keep it shorter. and will try my best avoid the face scratching and scary head movements forward.

    DF is calling me a Heaven's Gate wannabe for wearing the Snuggie. The heaven's gate people of course did not wear Snuggies. Snuggies did not exist back then, obviously, for if they had, they would have likely decided that life on Earth was worth living.

    Yeah, well maybe DF has his head thing wrapped too tight today.  btw, I didn't notice any scary head movements. 

    Or they might have left this world wrapped in a Snuggie instead of purple cloth.  Ooh, or maybe a purple Snuggie!  The red ones in the ad look way more cultish anyhow.  I think "Statue of Liberty" is definitely the correct description of your color.

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