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    I had this time with the Pixies last week.

    There were batteries perpetrated of course.

    Precious pinched her middle sister in the arm

    Daddy said::


    But Daddy, she started  it.


    Most of the time was peaceful of course.

    We were at the park.

    Jolee had an incident. She fell and scraped her knee.

    Daddy made it all okay.


    Daddy stayed with me that night, later on.

    Can you imagine, my son still wishes to watch the Twins with me?

    Anyway, later, Mommy and the pixies arrive to pick up my son.

    And there are the pixies all belted in the van.

    Mommy gives me farm fresh eggs and farm tomatoes. 

    These fresh farm eggs and tomatoes do not taste like the stuff at the local mart.

    No small thing by the by.

    These things taste differently.

    I bow into the van and say good bye to the pixies.

    The baby has a farm toy in her little hands.


    Precious, the oldest at 6 has her 'screen'.

    But Jolee has her little doll.

    The doll gets to me.

    I mean it is old.

    It is ceramic in nature.

    This doll has these clothes. The clothes one might see in old books.

    A hundred years ago?

    But the doll is Black.

    This hit me.

    Oh Richard, this is nothing.

    No, this is not nothing.

    This is something.


    All these terrible things happening.

    All this internet crap.

    Things might be better than I thought.

    the end




    Sigh ... I love it when you write like this, Dick.  It helps me breathe.

    Thank you Missy.

    Because of your comment I changed the Youtube music.


    This short thought of mine was supposed to be upbeat!

    Because of you, and because of your title, I'm gonna put this here:

    Joan Baez: The Final Tour.



    Inventory, baby.



    simply awesome! thank you for sharing that, I've never seen it before.

    'Cause it really is

    Just a way to root around

    Inside molecules ...

      A cellular division

     Taking an inventory.


    Well I am with AA and Missy of course.

    I never heard this either.


    Here, I have been prohibited from one song I knew.

    This next one is pure art, pure anger and pure love.

    Let us see how this works.



    It should be noted that I know about this sweet heartbreaking 27-sec. baby video related to your meme not only because it was tweeted by grownup tough guy white male reporter Jonathan Swan of Axios, but also because it was retweeted by NYTimes reporter Glenn Thrush (who for a period a while back was put on leave from his job as regards some kind of #MeToo accusations):

    — Jonathan Swan (@jonathanvswan) August 31, 2018

    This doesn't belong on this lovely thread, but I'm posting it anyway because you mentioned "some kind of #MeToo accusations".

    Apologies, Dick.

    I've been carefully searching my memory. Maybe I'm weird or slow or something but I've never groped or kissed a women I just met in a bar no matter how drunk I was. I've gone home with women I met in a bar and had one night stands but they weren't groped or kissed by me before they got to my home, or perhaps kissed when we were in my car driving home. After she had agreed to come home with me If I groped or kissed a women in public it was when we were in an intimate relationship and after we had sex. All these stories of these men just seem strange to me. I've never done any of that stuff. It would make me uncomfortable to try. It's just not part of any seduction technique I've ever used.

    Ocean, do a blog on this subject.

    I never hit a woman.

    My son never hit a woman. (How do I know this? Cause he would never do this.)

    My father was a prick and a drunk and a....but he never would have hit a woman.

    These recent instances where men acted so brutally or so .....?

    When I read your comment, I thought of this strange song.

    I do not know if it means anything.

    You're a decent man.  Most men are, but when those who aren't are allowed the luxury of pretending otherwise, things like #MeToo happen.  

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