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Another Fearless Friday afternoon at the Haikulodeon


Here's this week's heap of haikus:
When you fall in love...
It will be ... what it is; Love.
Thus, no rules apply.
alliterative tanka haiku:
Pa peddled papers,
Ma mostly mixed martinis.
Sis sewed sombreros.

I, inadvertently, inked,
(in innocence), irked insights.
Standing in a field,
listening to the night's sounds ...
I feel comforted.
tanka haiku:

Ev'ry circumstance
is an opportunity
to learn and to grow.

Do not shrink in fear, step up
to the plate and swing away!
a whisper, a glance ...
her touch lasts but a moment,
yet his world is moved.
Play that trumpet, "Pops"
Sing some more sweet lines of scat ...
Syncopate our lives.
Make your teabags steep.
If gradually inclined,
tea will get cozy.
In an oblong tin,
he kept his oolong tea ... A
thin tin type tea tin.
tanka haiku: 
From the cab of his
pickup, he could see the smoke
rise from the chimney.

It was nearly sunrise and
he could not wait for donuts.
double haiku:
The screen door slams shut.
An angry young man runs to
his car and 'peels out.'

A young girl watches
from the window and prays that
her sadness will mend.
Remember; Thousands
of things will go RIGHT for you,
ev'ry single day.
Optimists will see
the lollipop, Pessimists
will just see the stick.
The petulant pup
pouts by the pantry; the cat's
eaten his supper.
tanka haiku:
Clinging to her form,
the diaphanous gown made
her ethereal.

As she stood in the moonlight,
she glowed with Love's own glory.
A leaf-less tree frames
a lonely farm-house in the
middle of nowhere.
 respond-ku1: (written by my friend, David)

Sometimes you can tell
a poet is lonely, just
by reading his stuff.
Haikus can be like
psychoanalysis, and
quite a bit cheaper.
(My response - (respond-ku3)
Ah yes, but sometimes
poets will make things up and
lonely's just a word.
(My response - (respond-ku4)
A haiku is no
substitute for shrink visits ...
They're short one act plays.
respond-ku 5:

I DID say "can be,"
not that the two were the same.
I'm careful with words.

So you did, my friend,
but how could I be lonely
with a friend like you?
On a leaf-strewn path,
a small boy hesitates ... then,
kicking leaves, runs home.
Someone blocks your way.
Reward them? Or stop them? Seems
like a no-brainer.
There is a structure
to all things, and a context
to fence it all in.
All fields have a fence.
All lives have a purpose; You
need to build a fence.
Inside of your mind
are vast landscapes to explore.
discover yourself.
 Walking through meadows
just before sunrise is worth
some wet trouser cuffs.
Note: Michael Rakosi and I are co-producing another Night of Comedy fundraiser on Nov. 15th, this time to benefit the International Children's Heart Foundation. Check out their website, for details.

Walkin at night are you?

I was doing that all the time a couple years ago.

I have no haikus in me right now.

Two or three days of snow with the leaves gone here.

And the snow aint meltin although tomorrow might see 45?

I think it is here to stay, I think winter aint goin away and it is early.

But it is awe-fully pretty out there.

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