The Aristocrats? No, Louie Louie

    "Wipe that dirty thought out of your mind, young man/lady!"
    "Uh, easier said than done...."
    And thus the FBI tried & failed unmasking one of the greatest rock 'n roll standards ever.
    So let's spend thesome mmmmmm together..... cuz we gotta go.


    I can attest to the success of the campaign against it, I do most definitely remember hearing the singing nun sing "Dominique" on teevee as a kid, many times. But I never heard about "Louie, Louie" much less the song itself it until I was nearly out of high school. I got a transistor radio at 13 or so and I used it to play the alternative FM hippie station which  didn't play stuff like "Louie Louie", more like Jefferson Airplane and Moody Blues, tho they would play doo wop type stuff for one hour a week during their "oldies" hour.

    Sexy little devil:

    Don't go there, pleeze...

    [eta - took the trouble to finally figure out the song's by Lorde, & who she is, etc. last decade's been pretty bad for my music with-it-ness - stuff just passes me by, a tune here, a voice there...  oddly enough, the song's a slam on much of what drove my indifference in the first place]

    you are getting there--to oldster-where the stuff just flies by no matter how much you promised yourself when you were younger that you were going to keep up and stay hip when you were older, you realize: you can't! And that you are just like your own elders were. Is what it is. Maybe cause there's only so much room in one brain and it fills up and there's not as much space left, you have to be selective about input? wink

    Threw my hip out? Nah, never promised myself nuttin - just don't listen to much music anymore. That can change of course. Other slides into Oblivion, unh-unh.

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