Creative Confusion (3x5 index bards)


    Ha! Well, who'd have guessed

    that shining a Limerick

    reveales a Haiku!

    You take the Haiku
    I'll take a pool cue. Who'll be
    in Scotland 'fore me?

    A rich guy from Queens
    gets his face in magazines.
    Let disco ball spin.

    But the party went viral
    and now I need a firewall.


    Let disco balls spin -

    Let the party go viral -

    Let it consume me.

      Until the rich guy from Queens

      Is proven a poor liar.


    A girl from the Bronx
    dances between seven honks
    to dodge the grabbing.

    So many lies prevailing
    needs a machine for bailing.

    Where's the world I knew?

    Did I grow up somewhere else?

    Am I in between?


    Then again, I ask.

    I question, I consider.

    I am not alone.


    Is this a new world?

    No.  It simply feels that way.

    But how do I know?


    I need certainty.

    And can I ever be sure?

    Yes, because I am.


    eta: Thanks, Peracles, for giving me a convenient space to belch.


    Burp, you be welcome

    Actually, there's not much confusing about all of this at all:

    "I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones." - John Cage #quote #composer

    — Brian Eno (@dark_shark) October 19, 2018

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