Culture Club - Paweł Domurat

    Quite an amazing photo tour around world culture.

    Which is harder than it might seem:


    "Dave? Don't do that Dave..."

    Robot sentience and emotion, vs over reading the hydraulic fluid.

    I saw a Facebook post on a COVID doctor seeking help from 9 mechanics for brake noise (was it just normal?) and the social and legal responsibilities of every option, to fix it not to fix, that is the question. And now our hydraulic brethren has left the building.

    Female street gaze days?

    (Candy's camera?)

    (And do click that Domurat Facebook link)

    Stages of street gaze

    a) as applies to females in particular

    b) what would Breughel do? (or did he do)

    c) any phenomena/stages the author missed?

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