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    Don't Ya Think?

    Hi there, come on in.  A bit blustery tonight, isn’t it?  Well, at least it’s not pouring down rain … what?  Yeah, it’s weird when that happens.  Anyway, come inside and get comfortable while there’s still plenty of room on the couch.  Hey!  Look at you trying to sneak in with that yummy looking stuff … I promise it’ll make it to the kitchen in one piece … really!  Very funny, just give it to me and grab a seat.  Somebody save me a spot on the floor and put some music on!

    Okay, guys and gals, the munchies are on the counter and the drinks are in their usual places, so help yourself.  I have mine, thanks.  Hmmm?  Doesn’t that look great?  I’m so proud of myself … grab a few extra napkins - yes, technically they’re paper towels and what about it? - along with the plate, I’ll handle the cheese and we’re all set!  Oh, of course we’ll need those.  And that.  Okay, that.  Can somebody come help us with this stuff?

     Gosh, it’s been a long day.  It feels good to relax and let my molecules settle down for a bit.  Nice song.  You think so?  I don’t know … maybe.  At least I can understand the words.  Well, sure they were, but how many Bruce Springsteen’s and Bob Dylan’s can we handle?  Who?  Oh, please.  Yeah, yeah, we can fight about this all night … then again, why not?  I’d much rather have a lively and spirited argument about music than all the other - yes, I said lively and spirited - crap that just wears out my bones.  Seriously. 

    Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t notice … are you okay?  Come sit by me.  Here’s another pillow, in fact it’s a really good one that I’ve had forever so it ought to be just perfect.  Don’t you think?  Good, good.  Now talk to me – and I promise to shut up ‘til you’re done.  Ignore them, they’re just people who know me as well as you do, so they doubt I can stay quiet but I really, really can.  Oh, I’m sorry, go ahead.

    Sometimes all we really need is an ear, a shoulder and a solid hug.  Sometimes we need far more, yet more often than expected we need less.  Not everyone needs to be understood, comforted and told that they’re not alone.  Actually, that kind of thing makes some folks uncomfortable and highly suspicious.  But for those of us that do need to know that others care - with or without a hug – confirmation of that should be available.  Don’t ya think?


    Molecules, folks.

    Oh Missy, I am lostI mean I have children and pixies and a full fridge and....

    But I am having probs envisioning the strangest election I have ever witnessed.

    Sometimes I wish for the old trolls.

    At least I could be spurred to action.

    What is a mother to do?

    We have the clown tapes, both audio and visual.

    We have the tweets.

    Ahhhhhhhh, but facts mean nothing.

    Mornin Joke claims we are cherry picking the info?

    The news is all the same, except for Rachel and her follower on MSNBC.

    At least they have a theme. hahahahah

    I should be able to come up with something soooooooooooon

    Anyway, keep on keepin on.

    We all miss Mr. Smith, but we need you right now.


    A warm brandy might be nice. Winter began November 18th this time. Then we got into the deep cold of 25 below.

    I went for two walks today in the upper twenties.

    I have to admit it is getting better.

    Gosh, a warm brandy does sound really good ... and not just when it's cold outside!  Have you noticed that the days are getting just a bit longer now?  I always think it helps the mood - about most everything - to have some light after 4:30 in the afternoon.

    Here's something to read that has nothing to do with anything except that I'm also guilty of slipping down the HGTV rabbit hole ... hmm.  Maybe I'll add a warm brandy sometime, just to add to the experience.  ;-)

    I can't seem to force my head to wrap itself around the whole inauguration thing ... even trying to read news reports about what's happened thus far feels painful.  There's just too much shock value crassness disingenuousness horrific fucking shit to bear.  Already.

    I won't watch it because I don't want to fry my soul any further.  It amazes and infuriates me that Hillary and Bill Clinton will be there; mostly because I understand why they feel they have to be but I want to punch Trump in the face just for them.  I know that it will prove impossible to not see Trump taking the oath with Obama standing there, today's technology won't allow it, but I will delay that inevitable tearful moment as long as humanly possible.  I want to scream.  I hope it pours a cold and blustery rain in Washington on a day that will live in infamy as the moment the United States used a bible to put the devil in charge.

    To Barack, Michelle, Hillary and Bill:  Walk away, live the rest of your lives in peace - or at least in the knowledge that you did your best.  And it was amazing. 

    (Looks a bit off-topic ... don't ya think?)

    It is like a death in the family. The American people failed us. The transition is a disaster. We can imagine why Trump has bankruptcies. The majority of his Cabinet nominees are unqualified. Many have glaring issues involving ethics. 2017 is going to allow me to increase my reading of books and articles. I cannot watch Orange Hitler on television. I am angry because of what the voters and the electoral college did. Media gave him free air time but questioned Hillary's morals at every turn. Trump is a racist and a Russian puppet and he was voted into office. 

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