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    So the Spring has sprung

    And our Summer is just gone

    Autumn has arrived

    Red and yellow trees

    So many colors abound

    Dead leaves on the ground

    Dead leaves on the ground

    And dying leaves on the trees

    Crispness in the air

    My body feels crisp

    My own soul feels this crisp air

    The end seems so near

    Its so very near

    The dead of winter is near

    The end seems so near

    Should I just rejoice?

    Rejoice in these great colors

    Or  submit to death

    Obama was Spring

    Then colors just abounded

    Hope seemed eternal

    Nothing's eternal

    Everything will be dead

    Even little me

    So colors abound

    In the midst of such moments

    Moments do not last

    That's why we all die

    If you do not care

    Trump can make sense to some folks

    All of us folks die

    Just give it a few more years

    Moments just confuse

    Winter is with us

    Trump season is upon us 

    Winter's forever

    But Trump's days are just numbered

    Even Trump shall pass.

    But all things must pass

    Like no good shit through a  goose

    Trump shall pass through us

        Like shit through a goose



    No good thing or bad thing lasts forever.


    This is just an aside to Chauncy. hahahahah

    I always hated the Four Seasons.

    I mean, the Beach Boys certainly fed on them.

    I was just thinking on this pitiable lament and felt I should include this gem:



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