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    A Good Friday afternoon at the Haiku-lodeon ...


    This week's heap of haikus:
    The Easter Bunny
    scared her so much, she went to
    church without a peep.

    (My sister and the Easter Bunny circa 1949.)
    Childhood Easter flashback-ku:
    Wearing that new suit
    was a small price to pay for
    jelly beans and stuff.


    A blind follower
    can not see they're being led
    into a brick wall.
    tanka haiku: You ever linger
    at the crosswalk, to see if
    you get offered help?

    Yeah, me neither. But, sometimes
    I stop and think about it.
    My cat likes to play;
    it hides under the bed, and
    stalks my brown loafers.
    We all have struggles,
    but is your pain your burden ...
    or what sets you free?
    Is Life what you do
    or what you think and feel? ... (I've
    got a good feeling.)
    At the office party,
    she quietly listened, then
    whispered in his ear.
    Sometimes we forget;
    before skiing down mountains,
    we first must climb them.
    "Goth" girls with pierced cheeks
    wander through the East Village
    "making a statement."
    An island sunset,
    the sky aglow with passion ...
    Why aren't you with me?
    A knock on the door.
    A Pizza delivered ... to
    the wrong apartment!

    May each day dawn with
    no regrets for yesterday,
    nor phone calls to make.
    haiku for a young friend:


    Know above all things ...
    That no-one can rule your thoughts.
    Your Life's yours to live.
    Will you shine a light
    to help us pierce the darkness?
    April's finally here!


    Dogwood trees in bloom!
    Spring's celebration of joy
    in Riverside Park.


    walking through the woods,

    I find a weathered birdhouse,

    nailed onto a tree.





    Lock the cellar door!
    There's a MONSTER lurking there!
    (My sister said so!)





    tanka haiku:  Yes, you know my heart,
    for we are kindred spirits,
    walking the same path.
         But stay wary, my friend, for
         paths, like lover's hearts, may turn.


    Though the years went by,
    he didn't feel old, but then,
    he lived in the past.



    Sitting in his room,
    pondering his hopes and dreams,
    he just fell asleep.


    double haiku: We struggle, at times,
    remembering our loved ones,
    but vow, they won't fade.

    So, the old stories, though
    familiar, are re-told, to
    refresh our spirits.




    warmed over coffee
    fills my mug like an old friend
    that slept on the couch.




    At the Senior Prom,
    he held his date so close, it
    crushed his boutonniere.




    Winking at strangers,
    With whom you come face-to-face,
    Might just make their day.




    If we just pretend
    Life's filled with good times, then we'd
    never light candles




    It does not add up,
    That the way to multiply,
    Is through division.






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