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    We had a tough winter in the Great White North!

    This winter began October 23, 2017 with a blizzard that never really went away.

    In 2016 the winter began on November 18th with the same type of blizzard.

    I woke up this morning at 3.00 AM CST.

    It was below zero.

    But there was no wind to speak of.

    Two and three days ago the wind was officially at 14mph with gusts of 30mph.

    It is just that there has already been 100 days of winter for chrissakes!

    February 2nd is mid winter in the old English take of things.

    Hell, if this is midwinter, well....April is far away. hahahhah

    In six weeks, we just hope for a reprieve. I mean 40 degrees F would be fine for me and us.

    This winter has been just unrelenting.

    In 2016 winter began November 18th.

    So we ended up with an extra month of winter this time.

    This post just concerns psychology.

    In ten days or so we shall experience (up here) ten full hours of light.

    The dark can get to you.

    Life just seems so damnably bleak. The dark shall never end. And without football and baseball all we have is basketball; which I never understood. hahahahah


    Speaking of endless darkness and cold....

    During W's Administration, I thought that darkness would never end. I felt cold all the time.

    And yet, now folks like David Frum or David Brooks or a host of other repubs now seem reasonable?

    I mean that last week we got up to 34 degrees F and it seemed nice.

    Everything seems relative.

    I have oftimes discussed my abhorrence at the current administration.

    But at my age, it seems that all things; all bad things shall pass.


    The groundhog saw his shadow.

    We shall have 6 more weeks of winter.

    But up here, in the great white north, we shall experience ten more weeks of winter; but maybe ten more weeks of a kinder, gentler winter.

    This year, I was hoping that we have an American Electorate that does not see its shadow.

    This year I hope that Americans do not shrink from their responsibility.

    This year I hope that Trump is Trumped?

    Anyway, who gives one goddamn about what a mean animal does when he sees his shadow?


    I have no idea what the message is with regard to this post.

    I just composed it in three hours or so in my head.








    Due to all the reaction I received on this post....hahahahahahah

    We had a kinda January 'thaw' goin on last week.

    I mean we saw temps in the 30's.

    But this week we are back to zero as our high for the day, I mean high for the goddamn day. And my pc tells me that this trend shall continue another week or so?

    You know about this statement:

    There will be a cold day in hell?

    Well these are cold days in hell for sure.

    Well....we could look forward to the Superbowl? NO, THE VIKINGS WERE KILLED.

    Well....we could think about politics? Oh yeah, we have this moron as POTUS and even if we had a sane repub running things; well I would be just as screwed and so would the entire globe.

    Everything is white and undriven and pure.

    For sure.

    Ten days from now I am sure (kinda) that my life shall improve.

    On the other hand, I have a nice, safe apartment up in the Great White North and so I am grateful.


    Oh and fuck groundhog.



    Gone too soon

    rmrd you hit on something here.

    I think I went to Wilburys first because we have lost Roy and George and Petty.

    It is probably that these thoughts brought me to the Hawaiian. 


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