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    The Flint River in Flint, Michigan, United States


    We lost Mr. Smith, not so long ago.
    Missy thinks we should keep his blog alive.
    So here goes.....

    We lost Mr. Smith
    The Haiku King had a thing
    Planned for each Friday

    I know so little
    About the subject Haiku
    Just 5 & 7
    (and 5)

    Beatles do help me
    They were fixin a hole once
    Where the rain came in

    But my mind wanders
    Without the need of water
    But I am still wet

    There are many sins
    And they all need some washing
    Some washing away

    Think about the East
    The Ganges seems so filthy
    Yet it baptizes?

    He who takes away
    The sins of the world save us
    Have mercy on us

    Baptisms and floods
    Water is everywhere
    We need our water

    Noah escaped it
    Water was used to destroy
    By God Almighty

    Flint can't find water
    That does not light on fire
    We need clean water

    Thirst is compelling
    Bathing is daily baptism
    Water is a need

    So I have water
    Water on my brain today
    That's a deficit

    Baptism cleanses
    And yet floods just punish us
    This is H2O

    This is a mishmash
    And my mind keeps wandering
    That's a deficit
    That's all I got right now.
    Smith liked pix and cartoons and special lettering just like Ducky likes to do.
    Any kind of poetry is welcome here.
    Let us keep this little blog alive!
    I promised myself I would include this song I had forgotten about--even if it seems irrelevant:
    But I guess I thought of this song as a tribute to a man who lofted me? to a different universe.



    I've been elsewhere tonight and missed this amazing bit of yours, Dick.  How can anyone follow that?


    I watched the teardrop

    quivering on your lashes,

    too afraid to fall.

      Frightened by it's loneliness ...

      'til my love wiped it away.

    I recently learned

    I'll be a grannie again

    A girl! Due August

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