"Kanye West is not Picasso"

    Hat tip to Michael Maeillo for this. Note that Cohen wrote it in 2015:

    “Kanye West Is Not Picasso” by Leonard Cohen, from Cohen’s new book ‘The Flame.’ pic.twitter.com/w5lUfkjdYv

    — S H I R E S’ $Hit Show (@amandashires) October 11, 2018


    Now that is a poetry slam like it ought to be.
    Is my entire existence wrapped in a Dada comedy skit?

    Towards the end Bowie had a computer cut-up generator to mass produce the scissor and paper exercises Bryon Gysin had taught him. A shame, actually - what started as a quixotic quirky personal exploration turns into pure kit. Who were these lyrica for? What spiritual muse would sign on to channel trhough an electronic clothes hamper? Can't the human condition compete against these mechanical lifeless stweely dans?

    Then they came for Banksy...

    He's still at it, his last tweet:

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