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    I saw my Pixies

    This last weekend with no end.

    Oh how I love them

    Little girls just wonder

    Where is my Daddy right now?

    Asks Precious to me

    He's in the bathroom.

    Okay then, say the sisters

    Then they scamper off.

    The sisters feel safe

    Grampa is enough, I guess

    Thought the two sisters.

    Where is Mr. Smith?

    I forgot about his post.

    When I need him most

    Besides Mr. Smith

    Where is my friend Mr. Moat?

    He loved Mr. Smith.

    Spring is coming soon

    Twelve hours of sunlight

    So dark it has been.

    But real light has come

    Through children running around

    Laughing together.

    I have been depressed

    Darkness in the afternoon

    Now it is lighter

    I would come to this

    Here would be something

    Something different

    A different take

    Where is Mr. Smith

    Oh he is in the bathroom

    And he is grooming.


    I have been ignoring this site.

    This site is a gift from the gods of dagblog.

    I just thought about this site today.

    and i wonder what the hell time it is?






    There are pixies in my life too that lifted me out of a darkness. Babies and little kids are sunshine bombs. Let's see if I have retained enough brain cells to upload a couple of pics of my grandbabies, Cloudy and the Butter Bean...


    Butter Bean


    Awww ... angel

    Wonderful Flower.

    My son will not allow me to pix my pixies. hahahahah

    I knew immediately that this decision was not mine to make.

    I just wished to admire your pixie.


    I miss the guy too.
    He still helps me remember
    what courage looks like.

    Richard, you might like this


    it's on topic and a viral hit because it's an anti-depressant, too:

    Sunshine bomb!!!  laugh

    Oh Flower, I just caught this. WONDERFUL!

    just got to share this one:

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