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A Post-Storm Friday afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


(My best friend, and fellow haiku-writer, David found this.  The parents of a young boy in a wheelchair created a unique Halloween costume for him.)

(David's haiku is in bold italics.)


A very special Halloween outfit ...



There's hope for the world
When parents use their love with



Kid in a wheelchair

Becomes a Good Humor Man …

Love makes miracles.




Watching old sit-coms,
I see the world I thought would
be when I grew up.




He's a 'regular'
at the diner, ordering
eggs 'over easy.'





His tiger-striped cat,
eats, plays with squeaky toys, then
naps all afternoon.




Batten your hatches,
stock up on food and water.
Hurricane's comin'!




Sunday ev'ning and
I dread the week to come; full
moon and rising tides.




A playground vanished
in the fury of the storm;
drowning merriment.




Flood waters subside,
leaving a sobering thought;
We're vulnerable.




he asked, 'What is Life?'
the old man paused ... 'Life's how you
clean up afterwards.'




Dad just discovered
the marble his son had lost ...
Quite a somersault.




Lessen our lessons?
That would not be real smart, so
keep what you're taught, taut.





Stubble on my chin

Clothes I've worn for two full days

Still sick as a dog.





Fragrant aromas

Awaken my thoughts of you

My long ago love




I nervously wait

The doctor studies my chart

Will I get well soon?




As the clouds disperse

Stars twinkle in the night sky

My heart leads me home.




Then, without warning,

trucks collide on the corner

Police cars converge.




A stone partition

does not stop my neighbor's dog

from barking at me.




A screaming toddler

fidgets in a grocery cart

his mother pleading.




Bonus poem:


When she utters the key phrase,

the automatic time portal unlocks

and my mind steps obediently into the past,

engulfed in sensual visions of earlier pursuits ...

only to be brought back to the present

with a head snapping sudden-ness

by both her silence and the intensity of her gaze.

I pretend not to be startled,

But her growing smile tells me that she knows

exactly where I've been.








That ice cream kid is delicious!

As soon as I see that I know he has people who care about him!


Not many Halloween costumes can make you smile and tear up from sheer joy.  Every time I see that photo, I melt.

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