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    Netflix brought me a new Patton Oswalt.
    But it fits right into my recent blog
    discussing my son and his family.
    There are naughty parts to Patton's offering, of course.
    Patton has to attack Trump for ten minutes or so?
    But in the meat of his presentation, he speaks
    about the loss of his wife and the effect of this loss
    on his little girl.
    And it is heart rendering. Really!
    Following the death of his wife, Patton is
    confronted with his duty as a father to
    notify his daughter of mommy's death.
    He calls the school and the principal advises that
    his baby skip school on Monday, following.

    And the principal further advises how to break the
    news of his wife to the child.
    After Patton notifies his baby of the death of her
    mother, this little girl demands that she go back
    to school on Monday.
    So he converses with his Precious about all of this
    and he comes to the conclusion that his girl shall
    go back to school that Monday.
    You see?
    This decision is no longer his, alone.
    His baby is no longer a baby (at six) but
    a real human being separate from himself.
    So Patton takes his little girl to school.
    Now, he notes that all the little tots have
    been informed of their schoolmate's troubles.

    And Patton is confronted with these little six
    year olds.
    And now Patton underlines the types of communications
    one might see when an adult communicates with tots.
    One tot asks if Patton was sad?
    And Patton must respond, so he does.
    Yes I am sad.
    Another tot asks if there will be a step-
    mother in place, because when this tot
    experienced the separation of his parents,
    he also experienced a new step mother.

    I cannot help laughing at this and neither does
    So I just discussed the scene in my previous post where my son has lunch with
    his Precious. And he sits in a little chair next to his daughter
    and at a table surrounded by little tots.
    And Sean called me after he read this blog and noted that 
    although Precious was happy and proud she did not say
    that much.
    But the other little tots had so much to tell him.
    I asked my son if he was able to procure a number of
    SS numbers. hahahahha
    It was kind of like:
    Except you already know that Patton would never
    attack a youngster like that.
    In summary, this new stand up is important to me.
    The stand up comedian is not the same.
    Or maybe it is.
    Mark Twain would travel all over this country....
    well all over the world.
    Twain was not a real stand up.
    I mean we are not talking about :
    take my wife, please.
    I wanna tell ya...
    Or silly pub jokes.
    Patton changed his delivery forever once he found
    true love and his child was born.
    Louis CK changed his deliver once his two babies
    were born.
    Now, even Bill Burr has kinda changed his delivery
    following the delivery of his baby. Although Bill
    Burr recognizes that he is certainly going to hell
    anyway. hahahahahah
    You see, there is a point that nihilism cannot
    conquer. hahahahahahah
    There really is truth out there somewhere.
    And this truth has nothing to do with the X-Files.
    The truth lies in our progeny. For Chrissakes.
    Once the nihilist sees his own baby and must
    protect that progeny; well all of our perspectives
    Unless of course, we are psychos?
    Check into this Patton free throw at Netflix.
    If you have no Netflix, do not worry.

    This Patton session will certainly be on Youtube soon.
    Again, half of the hour is pretty damn bad but

    half of this hour is gooooooooooood.

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