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    Squirrels making love
    On the tree outside my place
    Through my own window
    I view the world turning

    I feel so apart
    From the world that I view

    Yet, I am a part
    Of those goings on out there

    Our President speaks
    On line and on TV

    But I still must watch
    This buffoon spew out his lies

    Like Ulysses tied
    To a mast hearing sirens

    I searched for meanings
    In those olden days of youth

    I still write this down
    My thoughts flow like lava

    This weird universe
    Will do just fine without me

    But I must just ask
    One question before I go
    Was there a purpose?
    He asked his higher power
    I search for some form
    As I write this tripe today


    Mr. Smith would be proud to have this wonderful poem of yours filling his creative space.  I've no doubt that he'd also be purely delighted if you chose to make it yours now ... I'm quite serious, Dick.  You have an ability to not only create totally unique pieces of written art but to do so with a flair - a certain "Dayly" pomp and circumstance - that no one else can begin to imitate. 

    This can be your space now.  We all need to read your amazing political and worldly musings in the "Readers" section, and don't you dare deprive us of that!  But there's a part of you that a part of us needs ... and this is where it needs to be so we can find it.  Please?

    I purchased a new pc.

    I am having problems getting it on line. I am still using my daughter's old damaged pc.

    You make me smile.

    We have almost 500 hits on this older post.

    One comment, your comment of course.

    I do not smile much lately. hahahah

    Yeah, I promise to come up with something this weekend.

    But I need a promise from you that you will add your thoughts.

    This used pc does not like it when I write. hahaha

    I shall produce something in two or three days.

    Promise you will give us some thoughts on your own post here.

    I shall haiku and add some thoughts.

    Help me.


    It's a deal!

    Hey Missy, we have another 40? hits since you commented?

    Why not?

    See you on Friday!

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