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    In middle school and later on, my son had a friend called 'Q'.

    And the school happened to be close to my home in those days and my son would bring Q over.

    It happens that Q was beaten by his pop from time to time and my house became a 'safe place'.

    These two boys ended up being fast friends, as they say.

    They continued to be friends through high school and beyond.

    After they graduated they came upon a house for rent.

    My son wished to get a degree at a local college and Q went on to work.

    They found friends to help with their rent.

    I recall visiting this rooming house and was amazed at the number of pizza boxes posted outside in their garbage.


    There are many stories that come to mind about this stage of my son's development.

    Certain 'friends' might not come up with their share of rent.


    And my son and Q would deal out repercussions for this type of behavior.

    Anyhow my son and Q parted ways.

    My son ended up graduating from college and entered the world of real estate management.

    Q decided that he would seek a new life in Hawaii.

    Back in the HOUSE they both made a work-out station in the basement?

    They both would lift weights together.

    They both ended up good looking, muscled boys.

    Sean would work as a bartender to pay his way through college.

    Anyhow, Q ended up, I surmise as a bartender somewhere in Hawaii.

    Good looking, young, muscled boys were doing okay!

    Now my son, who never abandoned me, told me sometime in 2010 or 2o12 or something like that, even though he had a good job in real estate management that he desired to have something more.

    He tells me that he wants a wife and kids and a house in suburbia.


    So now he has a wonderful wife, three little pixies and a house in suburbia with a big back yard and swings and....

    Anyhow, years after college he gets a call from Q.

    And Q fills him in on what was happening in Hawaii.

    And my son hears nothing more for more than a decade.

    All of sudden, whilst my son is residing in his suburban home, he gets a call from Q.

    Now, my son and Q 'experimented at times in high school and later on; so to say.

    Sean mostly stopped this behavior but Q evidently continued at these 'activities'. ha

    So it ends up, persuant to this communication, that Q had decided on a new path.

    Q moved to Colorado and had a goal of becoming a semi-truck driver.

    Except the rules for truck drivers was and is rather stringent.

    So Q quits all enhancing drugs and alcohol.

    But he knows that aint enough to cut it.

    So he shaves his entire body.

    And Q passes all tests.

    And Q is now an over-the-road trucker making in excess of $100,000 a year!

    So following the call from Q, my son prepares to meet him at his suburban home.

    Q has some delivery that will bring him to the Twin Cities and he would like to visit my son and his family.


    So Q shows up and Sean's little pixies go nuts.

    Q still cannot believe that his old friend has three beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife and a big back yard and swings and...

    Anyway, Q lets the little girls climb into the semi and  blow the horn and....

    And Q stays over and all the girls are all over him.

    (Of course Q always had girls climbing all over him, hahahhaha)

    This is a story that just got to me.

    I heard it for the first time a few months ago.

    I have much to be thankful for.

    I get so damn down sometimes.

    But my son found a destination in life; he found an aim in life.

    And his old friend found a destination in life.

    And his old friend looked him up.

    With all the terrible things going on in this universe.

    With all the anger we experience from the news today.

    There are good stories.

    There are good experiences.

    There are great possibilities to be experienced!

    Sometimes things turn out more than okay.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    There is much to be thankful for; as long as you look for the good things.








    keep going, it's the outline of a best-selling novel. fill it out but don't change the writing style. mho.

    edit to add: reminds me of Updike, the "Rabbit" series.

    Oh yes, Richard the Rabbit-hearted. A Lion Rabbit in Winter. 

    That's all folks.

    You know AA, there are places in our lives that we found ourselves and yet we could not grasp all that was 'going on', so to speak.

    There are happy stories out there.

    There are ironies that appear from time to time.

    Happy Holidays.

    (I just say that line to piss off O'Reilly!)

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