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    Dag Needs Some Culture

    I know most of you know Natasha Gural, friend to Dagblog and delightful political radical.  What you may not know is she is one of the best writers about art and culture out there today, and has for too long been without a venue.  Well, no more.  Natasha was selected to join the Forbes contributor network and will be writing as many as seven stories a month about art and the art world.

    Her debut describes an upcoming exhibition of work by Jean-Michel Basquiat, including the rarely shown "Defacement," which Basquiat painted in protest of New York City Police Department's murder of artist Michael Stewart for drawing graffiti in the 1st Avenue L train station in 1983. After his arrest, Stewart was beaten into a coma by 11 police officer.  He died in a hospital 13 days later.


    Woo hoo! Congratulations, Natasha!

    Clever move, Forbes!

    You're too kind. Thank you.

    Great news! Congrats Natasha. I look forward to seeing the Basquiat exhibit and reading more of your cultural pieces.

    This is fantastic! Congratulations to Natasha!!! I’m off to read the story now.

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