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    Guy Buys A Phone And Takes Pictures

    Are you tired of the existential angst that comes with trying to survive in a world dominated by empire building, global capitalism, xenophobia, racism, patriarchy and homophobia?

    Do you want to go 3 minutes without thinking about Pedophilia, sexual assault, or the Orange Emperor?

    If so, click the link below to look at some pictures I took around Bath County. For 3 minutes our world will seem like a place worth saving...






    Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

    How was the Shafer Stag’s Leap District Cab?

    I don't drink, but the folks who did seemed to enjoy it. The wine cellar at the Gristmill Inn is spectacular. 

    The Shenandoah are very beautiful. Thanks for reminding me I need to get out there Danny.

    Call myself cynical, but I was all prepared to be bored, but the shots were nicely diverse, well-done, engaging and a good antidote to both daily news cycle and cat pictures. More.

    What I see: ah, peace, quiet, the good life, happiness, amazing that some people actually still have it, isn't it? And probably some of those don't even know how lucky they are! Angst free is precisely the right language here. Even if one doesn't particularly favor that kind of landscape, that still comes across in your pix.

    Thanks for all of the support. I enjoy taking walks with my camera- or in this case my phone. 

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