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Occupy Our Food Supply

Occupy Our Food Supply is bringing together the Occupy, sustainable farming, food justice, buy local, slow food, and environmental movements for a global day of action on February 27, 2012. Inspired by the theme of CREATE/RESIST, thousands will come together to creatively confront corporate control of our food supply and take action to build healthy, accessible food systems for all.

Industrial agribusiness corporations like Cargill, Monsanto, ADM and Dupont have gained runaway control of our food systems and to take them back, we'll need all the collective power we can manifest around the world. There are few things more personal than the food we put into our bodies every day. Let's ensure that we can stand by the food we eat from farm to fork.

Sign up to take action on February 27 to Occupy Our Food Supply!


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I like where this is going. I can't go to the closest rally in the most immediate future but will put my shoulder to it when I can.

The production of food is where consumers have the most direct power compared to other more complicated infrastructure issues. You buy and eat it or you don't.

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