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    First Press: How Bill O'Reilly Saved Christmas

    Readers, I apologize for my slow posting lately. I've been hunkering down to work on my upcoming book, How Bill O'Reilly Saved Christmas. But I'm popping my head up briefly to announce my first piece of press, a blog article at the Washington Post. Check it out to see me answer probing questions like "What is the single most resilient myth you will crush in the book?", "How will conservatives react to your analysis?", "Is it true that you once saved the nation of Liechtenstein from an army of Ann Coulter clones?"

    I've also just discovered, via self-googling, that my book is now available on Amazon. Sign up now for the pre-order sale price. (And yes, I will be flacking my book at every opportunity for the rest of the year.)



    Stll htn' n th Chrstms, h Gnghs? nd th vwls?

    I feel that I've been too harsh on vowels in the past. Vowels are people too. I now skip every 33rd vowl.

    This is terrific!

    And by all means, flog away.

    So, I went to Amazon.com to buy your book and, gasp, there is no Kindle version. Since I am a Kindle snob now (and since it costs more than I make in a week to ship a book over here), I sadly cannot make my purchase. I clicked the "Welcome this publisher to the 21st century button" (by telling them you want to read the book on Kindle). So, we shall see. (And no, you can't autograph my kindle.)

    P.S. Who doesn't love a good Visigoth reference. But seriously, well done in the WaPo! Here's hoping you've got a bestseller on your hands. And also that the title will make BillO go all splotchy like he did with Al Franken's book.

    Amen on the Visigoth reference. He did so well with it, you could almost imagine it wasn't gratuitous! I did think the one dissenting voice in the comments did have a point:

    "Democratic leaders and popular liberal journalists reject left-wing paranoia"

    Please. Hillary Clinton coined the phrase "vast right-wing conspiracy."

    Still, if you have to go back more than a decade to find it, it's the exception that proves the rule.

    I too am a kindle reader and get annoyed when books aren't released for kindle. I assume that my book will be published for kindle at some point, but many publishers don't do it at the first printing. I'll try to get more info about it closer to press.

    Thanks. I saw those but figured that there weren't too many Brits in audience. They don't seem to share some Canadians' perverse obsession with American politics.

    Good point.  I am more likely to use use a UK source for your book, though -- much cheaper to ship to anywhere in Europe from the UK than from the US!

    OK, I look to you to bolster my international sales.

    International sales would benefit from the book not costing four bucks extra in Canada. It's OK, though. I'll just wait till closer to the October publication date. The loonie should hit parity with the greenback by, say, late July-early August. Think how persecuted the right wing is going to feel when it just keeps going up. Hahaha!

    Wouldn't it help the right-wing if loonies were worth more? Wink

    What am I? Chopped liver?

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