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    Great Moments in Cable News: Rick Sanchez Edition

    PROTIP: If you're going to take someone to task for their supposed bigotry, it's probably best that your whole argument not devolve into a weird tirade about how Jews run everything... including the company that employs you.

    Anyway, peace out to Rick Sanchez, whose Twitterfied brand of infotainment was the final nail in the coffin containing my erstwhile relationship with cable news two years ago.  Cancelled my cable and haven't looked back.




    Old school!

    Rick Sanchez is an idiot.

    He actually maintained that the Jews run all the networks.

    Then he claims this neutrality; a cleanliness, a purity of conscience.


    Far be it from me to add fuel to fire (splash slash, gush gush, hose hose) but let's face it... pretty obviously, the Jews run most things. The cable stations, Hollywood, publishing, high finance, Major League Baseball. And they do a damned fine job, most of the time.

    And at this point, I would just like to personally go on record as welcoming our Jewish overlords.  

    Now, some of you - yes, probably you - will be wanting evidence. Requesting evidence. Demanding evidence. To which I have to say just two things:

    1. Get the f*ck in line. You'll get your evidence when I'm damned good and ready to give it.

    2. Genghis got a book contract.

    That latter fact pretty much wrapped it up for me. I mean.... gaaaaah? You know. GAAAAAAH?

    Anyway. Which is why I say they do a good job "most of the time." 'Cause there's some slippage there. The Grand Old Conspiracy is slipping. Financial collapse, Tom Cruise slipping his leash, and the Genghis disaster have got me just slightly wondering. 

    Still. I got the Welcome mat out. You all'd be well-advised to do the same.

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