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    The immigrants can stay, Dobbs must go ...

    This will be a very short post, but I don't understand how Lou Dobbs still has a job. Are his ratings really that good? He's turned a major primetime show on a mainstream news channel into not much more than a mouthpiece for his own personal jihad against illegal immigrants.

    The funniest thing about the whole issue is that in a few years, we will be DYING to welcome more immigrants to this country as the baby boom generation retires en masse and the number of working Americans dwindles to a level unsustainable for economic growth. No matter how productive we become, the demographic shift guarantees our output will fall. Our Social Security funds will be used up. Our debtors will pull their money. It will likely get ugly.

    America's appeal to potential immigrants - its melting pot citizenry, its human rights protections, its almost mythologically meritocratic, upwardly mobile society - may be the only thing that saves this country from entering a sustained period of economic decline.

    Like most controversial issues, though, I actually have mixed feelings regarding illegal immigration. I understand why it's an emotional issue for tax-paying Americans and immigrants who achieved U.S. citizenship by following the law. I do believe we need a more comprehensive plan to protect our borders while at the same time liberalizing the system to allow more legal immigration.

    But I don't have any mixed feelings about Lou Dobbs. He's an idiot, a boring, sanctimonious blowhard, not to mention an abusive interviewer who barely listens to his guests. And if for no other reason than the love of watchable TV, he's gotta go.


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