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    The October Surprise: Barack Obama is $#@!ing Hilarious



    He is funny. But I'd like to get the McCain roast clip up as well. The portions I heard of that were also hilarious. This is truly a great tradition ...

    As funny as he was, did you feel an undercurrent of bitterness in McCain's remarks? I thought he had a bit more of an edge than Obama, who's tone was teasing and light.

    But maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see. Or maybe it's easier to be light when it looks like you're going to win. 

    honestly, i think it's just a matter of delivery - mccain can't help but look like he's mean and grumpy and bitter. i'm sure there's a good comedian analogy i could use to detail the difference between the two styles, but the mind is blank right now. in any case, i thought they both had very good writers!! id take this over a third debate any day (heck, i think if we would've seen more of mccain's wit in those debates, it may have helped him)...

    I heard that Obama and McCain plan to take their act on the road. The show will be called Black Ice, White Fire.

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