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    Remember, Remember the Fourth of November

    About a month ago, I wrote about the importance of remembering the motivation behind the firing of U.S. Attorneys, which has come to be known as the U.S. Attorney scandal.  At the time I found the relative quiet about the scandal in the run-up to the election a little disturbing.  Thankfully, a few things have changed since then.

    For one thing, the electoral map is looking a hell of a lot better for the Obama-Biden ticket.  We're now over half-way to election day from where we stood then and have seen nothing but gains for the Democratic ticket.  This is good, because it means there's far less wiggle-room when it comes to election shenanigans.

    I also noted then, in a reply to Dag's very own Genghis, that we were starting to hear rumblings from the right about ACORN.  As we've seen in recent weeks, this has only increased.  If you saw Bill Maher's Real Time this past Friday, you may have noticed that Stephen Moore was doing his best to push the "ACORN equals voter fraud" meme as well as pointing out that Barack Obama has worked with them (of course, Mr. Moore didn't find the opportunity to mention this).

    It's also good to see Josh Marshall returning focus to the story for which he was awarded the Polk.

    Even so, keep this story in the forefront of your mind as we move onward to and even through election day.  If Monica Goodling's testimony (along roughly 500 e-mails which were misdirected toward georgewbush.org) is any indication, there is a disturbing omen in the promotion of Tim Griffin.  It's not necessarily just a matter of firing attorneys who didn't pursue bogus vote fraud investigations with charges.  It's about promoting the cagers to prosecutor.



    Nice foresight/sensitivity on ACORN. It's weird, even shocking, how the right is trying to hang everything on them. The fucking mortgage crisis? Seriously?

    You mentioned Griffin in your previous post but were similarly cryptic. What's his connection to caging?

    Sorry, my purpose wasn't to be cryptic.  He was one of the Bush campaign's caging guys in 2004.

    And yeah, it's really weird.  I'd say it's absurd.  If you've got a lender who can't get the subprime loans sold out of the backdoor soon enough and a low-income buyer, you blame the buyer?  How does that make any sense?  If you're buying credit, don't you look for the best deal possible?  But, no.  Let's blame the underinformed buyer.  Let's not look at an industry that operated with terms like "liar's loan" as culpable.

    Then again, most of the "discourse" surrounding the mortgage crisis, the market and possible economic fixes have just been damned crazy.  I really can't believe better than half of what I've read and heard.  I still hear people saying that we should just let Wall Street twist in the wind because that's what they deserve.  Nevermind that the entire G7 just spent the weekend trying to figure out how to avoid a global collapse of the banking system.

    There is a terrifying level of ignorance surrounding all of this.  And I'm far from an expert.  It makes me wonder how they feel right now.

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