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    Tips for Right-wing Nutbars: Watch Colbert

    Last night, Ann Coulter was a guest on Hannity.  During her appearance, in typical Coulter fashion, she made the over-the-top claim that she was just fine with "death panels", which in her interpretation sound more like execution panels, so long as she was a panel member.  Oh, and she apparently has a list of people she'd like to kill, Zeke Emanuel being among them.  Watch:



    Of course, Coulter has made her career out of spouting sensational nonsense.  However, she may have been out-played this time.  I say that because the night before her appearance on Hannity, Stephen Colbert had already used the "I'm just fine with death panels as long as I get to be on them" line during his interview with John Cohn:


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    So, note to career nutters: Stephen Colbert has turned aping you into a science.  You may want to spend a couple of hours a week watching his show to make sure that he hasn't already made a mockery of the ridiculous things you haven't yet had a chance to say.



    I'm always amused when Mr. Andy Coulter shows up to spout some crazy nonsense.

    Woo Hoo!!!

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