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    Happy Hollow Wean: Open Thread of the Dead



    Shaky Graves- Roll The Bones

    Horrific appropriation of Northwoods country culture, lauded by horrific appropriator of TexMex cuisine, natch:

    The dog that got its owner a free burrito at Chipotle #Halloween18 ⤵️

    — David Beard (@dabeard) November 1, 2018

    That's without even getting into the anthropomorphic abuse of canines by humans, just for a few laughs....

    Look at the nasal drip on the pooch in slide #3 - have her on opioids or somesuch.

    Could just be from Trick or Treat. The quality of the "candy" has improved.

    oooh, lol! (but that's just the kinda naughty gal I am)

    So youre running around w meth-covered vampiress teeth as a good time, persuading people to let you have just one bite, a nibble... and you call yourself a good girl? And that outfit - cops'll pick you up in no time- if vice laws still on the books.

    some serious culca change citizen reporting now for a break from teh levity.

    I had to go to a Lenscrafters this evening that is located in one of those newer fancy upscale malls, in lower Westchester county, NY (Developers seem to think this is the way to avoid the Amazon death spiral, you see them popping up allover the northeast while the old malls die, with luxury and hipster brands inhabit them, maybe just for branding promotion more than sales on site. Side note: no I do not know how Lencrafters ended up being let in, they are certainly not upscale!)

    This one is big, as big as an old style mall, three floors.

    Lots of families were trick or treating there instead of in their neighborhoods. The stores were all handing out candy. It was an easy haul for the kids. Not just why pipple, many speaking Spanish.

    A lot of the moms had very sexy costumes on as they escorted their kids, as one of the male Lenscrafters employees pointed out to me.

    Subtitled "MILFs at the Mall" - Minnesota may have America's Mall, but Westchester's going to do it "My Way". "If you can make her here, you can make her anywhere..." (and we'll keep the little buggers distracted for you with a bunch of white death)

    Where to be normal is frighteningly exciting:

    Just catching up on the 地味なハロウィン ("sober Halloween") event, where flashy fancy dress is banned, in favour of everyday cosplay. This girl has come as the kind of model you see on cheap Korean fashion mail order sites.

    — Mulboyne (@Mulboyne) November 3, 2018

    Wow, those are pretty awesome.
    My cosplay is "Peracles", a Greek statesman who can't spell properly and turns out is only out to please himself. (Nowadays I'd be a war criminal several times over, but damn those Greeks had nice outfits, plus "first mover effect").


    My new all-time fave:

    Oh please, no likes? Think of her as a young Mary, Queen of Scots...

    Oh please, no likes? Especially not now after you pulled this Trumpian whine! cheeky

    Yeah yeah, you're like the sister that carried the machete. Whine and dyin'

    (note also that female self-objectification still appears to be permissable among college age on Halloween.)

    I'm not sure the objectification is actually "self" vs. simply same gender. What would a straight girl think of the unwanted attention, or simply one who wasn't interested? I noted a sign at the Google protest - "my lipstick is not your..." whatever. So who are we displaying to, and when/from whom is it okay?

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