28 years of Donald Trump insulting women

    The timeline record is here @ Vox. Here's the latest:

    It strikes me mostly as a celeb world variant of the Afro-American game The Dozens, where instead of targeting another guy's mother, you target the wife or girlfriend. Because wives and girlfriends are some of the properties that gives a guy status. I actually don't get offended, I think of it as humorous and pitiful at the same time. Not surprised Ellen De Generes is wading in here even though she tries to stay apolitical. Because: it's not really political.


    Wash. Post Editorial Board, 1 hr. ago: Trump’s anti-woman push puts America in the pantheon of human rights offenders. In pushing to strike U.N. language on sexual and reproductive health, the U.S. aligns itself with Russia, Saudi Arabia and other oppressive regimes.​...

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