Adrift on a Sea of Blue Light

    Last night I got to thinking about days long past when I had plunged into the “pirate” life and moved aboard a sailboat which was my home in the Caribbean for seven years. My previous sailing had been on a twenty-four foot boat on a lake in Texas and a lot of vicarious trips with the likes of Joshua Slocum and Bernard Moitessier. Spending a lot of time in a place where real sailors often stopped to work for a while to fill their coffers before heading off on their continuing adventures put me in contact with with some of the most interesting and accomplished people I have known in my life.  I stole the title to this piece from a book by one of those people. 

    About the time I started my adventure a young woman was finishing one of her's, a round the world solo cruise in a 26’ sailboat, and her book about the trip was added to my library and has been recommended many times. In my late-night daydream I thought of her, among others, as one of the people I know of and would have liked to have known in person, but my addled old brain could not think of her name so I went to google with a very short keyword search just to recall it. From there I ended up following links to read about her life today after her life altering voyage as barely more than a child. It was so good to read that the young girl whose father had set her loose on the world to get her out of the New York City world of hard partying she was living in and as an alternative to college, had gone on to have a continuing life story that is at once admirable and inspirational to read about again. I recommend   "One Mom, Two Teens, No Exit" By Tania Aebi      S/V Shangri La   Tania Aebi


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