Biden parody account, looks pretty good

    Only noticed it because some very savvy people I follow have followed it. 

    President Joe Biden (So-Called) @biden4pres

    I’m not selling ya coupons; just a snappy VP with a whole lotta gumption and half a mind to do it. Running for all fifty, Jack


    Halp, PP or Michael: having a tough time removing this dupe from the public roster, I deleted it off "My Blog" list and now there's this remnant that no longer gives me admin permission to delete or edit it.

    Edit to add: Oops now it disappeared on the "From the Readers" roster, but I am still typing on this comment. How strange!

    Edit again, OIC , the comment has been transferred to the one left. Nevermind!

    Ha ha, the the things we play around with on Mt Olympus when bored - keeps the mortals on their toes...

    So this foolish mortal just did it again. Sorry, something going on with my touchpad being over sensitive and the internet connection. Will try to be more careful. One I just deleted. The other I edited more tweets in which is the one I was trying to keep. You can delete both if you like, I can repost later.

    Over sensitive now, are we? Check our connections, keep in touch...

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