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    I was quite taken by an interview you undertook the other day.

    Now I understand that you consider yourself an honorable man.

    I am sure that you consider yourself a powerful man.

    And farbeit from me to question the ethics of a giant media celebrity who hosts a cable news program that is viewed by millions of avid fans. Fans who ultimately are counted as members from my age group.

    Millions are interested in what you have to say concerning so many subjects facing Americans today.

    And I recognize that those millions find you to be the most honorable of men.

    And far be it for me, a lowly blogger lucky enough to receive 1,000 hits on a good day for some disjointed thoughts clustered into some post to question either your ethics or your honor or your power.

    For I am sure that you consider yourself an honorable man and an ethical man.

    And I recognize that you have a powerful voice in our global media; and I recognize that you feel a need to voice your concerns to the millions of folks out there who believe they would not have any voice without you.

    And I recognize that you believe those millions would have no voice at all without your input; without your genius; without your ability to exert your media prowess; without your ability to provide a 'no-spin' zone.

    I mean, who else could land a pre-Super Bowl slot where you could interview the President of the United States of America two years in a row?

    Now one might question why an honorable man like yourself would feel impelled to interrupt one sitting President scores of times during the interview in order to make a point for the 'voiceless' and yet interrupt the next sitting President less than six times?

    One might question why an honorable man such as yourself would appear to attack the honor and the integrity of one President and not the other? Or why the second interview permitted the POTUS to spew out the most obnoxious spittal of any President since the founding of this nation?






    That is, you permitted a sitting President to compare our nation's heritage, our nation's ethics, our nation's honor to a captive nation without any ethics or honor?

    And yet, I understand that you feel that you are an honorable man.

    But neither of these POTUS interviews grabbed me. Nothing particular had me by the balls. I could have predicted the position you would take with regard to both Presidents.

    I mean you shared popcorn (and later no doubt some pussy) with the current POTUS at various ball games.

    I am not saying that you had oral sex with the guy or anything like that. But you really love the Trump. That is clear.

    The interview that grabbed me was the later interview with the guy in the wheel chair.

    In that interview Krauthammer took issue with Trump's comparison of our nation to Russia.

    And I believe you said something like:

    Liberals were just looking for some point where my President would fall down and look bad.

    (Not your exact words but your exact sentiment)!

    Except all liberals need in order to see the Orange Clown fall down is to wait during any 24 hour news cycle and see him put his foot in his mouth several times

    So I was quite taken by the wheel chair interview, not the POTUS interview.

    Sitting in my PJ's, I would have predicted your behavior during both POTUS interviews..

    I still believe that you believe that you are an honorable man.

    But I also believe that you believe that you could stand on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and shoot some innocent passer-by dead and that you would never lose one of your viewers.

    And that is hubris, Mr. O'Reilly.

    And you should be ashamed.






















    I didn't watch either Presidential interview, thanks for pointing out the bias. Fox is metastasizing, Greta and Megyn are now on MSNBC/NBC. NBC gave Tamron Hall and Al Roker slot to race-baiter Megyn Kelly. Tamron Hall quit.

    Well rmrd the women certainly have taken flight. hahahahah

    When ailes wasn't attempting to grab their privates, O'Reilly might sub. hahahahah

    What really gets me about billo is when he explains why Black Men cannot get jobs:

    they have no fathers

    They have tattoos on their face (all I can think of is Tyson, a repub in the third degree!)

    They refuse to take advantage of the fruits available to all in this nation.


    Most of the time THE GUY JUST PISSES ME OFF!

    But like the orange clown, billo is in it for himself because for both of them:

    that's all there is


    I never forgave President Obama for sitting down with Bill O'Reilly. He doesn't deserve the prestige of interviewing a serious thinker or politician. Having a big platform isn't the same as earning respect. Bill O'Reilly is no better than Tomi Lahren.

    Well let us not forget rush or levin or hewie hewitt or a host of others who discovered that they could communicate hate and racism and......a host of other evils and make a whole bunch of money.

    It is just that billo acts like he is being fair; that he is a reasonable man; that....

    I love it when he talks about others being absentee fathers when



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