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    The Debate Has Begun: Moving Forward Against the Repeal Bill


    From Twitter: Topher Spiro, Economic Policy and VP, Health Policy, Center for American Progress.

    QUOTE: "Now that the bill has advanced to debate the repeal of health care. We can still win. There are two NO's right off the bat: Collins and Murkowski. Several Senators who voted yes today only did so for procedural reasons - including John McCain. We only need one more to win the final vote. The next 24 hours are critical. The public blowback must be immediate and overwhelming. Senate Democrats can filibuster this bill by offering an unlimited number of amendments. Call your Senators Democrats or Republicans and tell them: you're against this bill and you'll fight it as if fighting for your life."

    Here's another excellent resource to use... KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!





    Step by step; I'm not watching but I see @ WaPo home page, there's a red breaking banner right now, says this:

    BREAKING: The Senate voted against the GOP bill to make sweeping changes to Affordable Care Act.

    result from NYTimes: 57 no, 48 yes

    The Senate on Tuesday night voted against a version of the Republican health care overhaul plan, called the Better Care Reconciliation Act. The procedural vote was technically on whether the amendment complies with the budget act, but practically means that the BCRA can't become law without being substantially rewritten.

    This week senators will debate and vote on several more amendments to a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

    A vote on a final bill is expected later this week..

    Better Care Reconciliation Act
    Needed 60 votes to pass

    all 48 Dems no, 43 Repubs yes,

    these 9 Repubs no:

    • Susan Collins Me.
    • Bob Corker Tenn.
    • Tom Cotton Ark.
    • Lindsey Graham S.C.
    • Dean Heller Nev.
    • Mike Lee Utah
    • Jerry Moran Kan.
    • Lisa Murkowski Alaska
    • Rand Paul Ky.

    It's like watching kids play golf with quadruple mulligans, a few lost in the rough, and an impressive hole-in-14! Oh wait, it's more like riding with a drunk driver who's trying to text and find a song on the radio at the same time - a few people run off the road here, a few there, wonder if we'll get home by car or by ambulance or by hearse.

    This whole republican administration from the president down to the lowest house representative is a shit show. We've got a president berating his AG like a kid trying to get someone out of the boy's club treehouse. It's so bizarre that I don't even know what to say about it. I don't see how this level of dysfunction that gets worse every day can continue but I don't see how it ends.

    Peracles... Like gorillas throwing poop . . .

    'Literally hundreds' of amendments and 20 hours of debate:
    What to expect for the healthcare bill over the next few days

    What's gonna stick?


    People (and apes) are always slinging shit. I'm pretty good at catching it. Do you think there's a career in that?

    Complaining about Congress slinging mass quantities of shit is the national past time for decades, remember? It is more popular on the right side of center but everyone does it. Hence they get approval ratings of like 15% Seems to me people don't like them coming up with lots of ideas and bloviating about those ideas and then debating them ad nauseum. Feel they are not being efficient, want simple answers out of folks that are sent there, simple plans, just do, not talk.

    George Will whines about it today, not so different from OGD in what he is saying, in his op-ed @ WaPo and it's the most popular op-ed, at #1.

    Unfortunately, that is what the Congress was set up to do? Especially the Senate. It's ironic is all I am saying. Everyone hates when them guys and gals do it like they were supposed to rather than have a plan all set before they get there. Gridlock until consensus, that was the founder's plan? (Without party loyalty, even, they weren't thinking of that.) I'm not sure myself whether it should be done that way in this day and age with a huge federal government, but still it strikes me as ironic

    I'm not sure what you're saying. Are you saying that the debate that's begun on health care is what's supposed to be happening? I disagree. The theory and what has happened quite often until recently is that the relevant committee is to come up with a bipartisan bill that has some buy in from both parties. That bill is to be debated and amended in the senate. Obama actually tried to do this but was stonewalled by the republicans. What we have now is a republican bill created in secret and sprung on both democrats and most republicans.

    Yes, this is a simplistic analysis and I'm just talking about the senate and not the full congress. But however one looks at it the clusterfuck happening now isn't how the senate was intended to work nor is it likely to result in good policy. In fact it isn't likely to result in any legislation at all.


    A Democratic senator shares his 120 amendments for the GOP health bill

    Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) has a plan to force Republicans to take more than 100 wildly unpopular votes on their health bill.

    is the way it's supposed to work when someone manages to put to a vote a bill that everyone in Congress doesn't know about or understand. It's always supposed to be a dragged out process of making sausage.And the votes recorded every time, so constituents know. As opposed to a couple of whips making sure they got the votes before it's put out there.

    I suppose that when government becomes totally dysfunctional it makes sense to pull political stunts for partisan advantage. Given that we face many serious problems I'd prefer even a half way solution to some of them.

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