Defeat Harry Reid Ad Here at the Cafe?

    Does anyone else besides me find a Republican seeking to unseat Harry Reid, Danny Tarkanian, is advertising here at the cafe?  His tag line is "Help Finish Reagan's Last Campaign".

    I'm not sure what to conclude from that.  Does this mean the folks running Tarkanian's campaign really aren't too sharp at identifying promising ad buys?  Does it mean that they figured there is so much venom directed at Harry Reid at this site that it must be a Republican site? 

    I might have offered "maybe he's a moderate Republican".  But would a moderate Republican invoke the prospect of finishing Ronald Reagan's agenda at a site where probably 90-95% of the ordinary folk written contributions appear to come from Dems and Indies?  Hmm.  I would guess that more than 5-10% of the folks who write here voted for Reagan at least once, though...



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