DoJ Flynn & co Death March Kraziness V

    Roger effing Stone  - whooda believered it.

    Little boy spanked by teacher. Will He ever learn?


    In terms of the decision made, this is worthy of note:

    “By contrast, Mr. Stone was convicted of threatening a witness, and throughout the course of these criminal proceedings, the Court has been forced to address his repeated attempts to intimidate, and to stoke potentially violent sentiment against, an array of participants in the case, including individuals involved in the investigation, the jurors, and the Court,” Jackson wrote.

    Note to self; The next time I am brought to trial to defend my actions, maybe I won't send out messages to social media to have the judge killed.

    Takeaway line: "IG noted someone left the top off the Sharpie to make forensics nigh impossible. Trump official countered it was just Mike Pompeo trying to get high."

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