DoJ Flynn Kraziness part ii

    Sullivan delayed twice so Barr's DoJ could make this statement:


    Mueller complained to Barr 3 days after he finished about Barr's misrepresentation of his reports. Barr met Durham *the same day* to start rewriting the record on Mueller's works. Now Barr's assigned Durham a criminal investigation that he "doesn't expect" (tee-hee) to reach Biden & Obama.

    Elaine Chao, eh?

    Jeff Sessions in on the whole plot against King Drumpf:

    oh my, a few tweets down in the feed, I see Jeff responds!

    Beth Wilkinson, now advocating for Flynn judge Emmet Sullivan, is also the lawyer to Summer Zervos in her defamation case against Trump, and she is representing former Clinton aide Cheryl Mills in a DC Circuit dispute over a deposition in a FOIA case

    — Mike Scarcella (@MikeScarcella) May 23, 2020

    I bet Powell is beginning to regret the references to Kafka in her Writ of Mandamus petition. Accusing Sullivan of corrupt intentions works on Fox but not in court.

    Do these people *do* regrets?


    this looks to me like "Obamagate" isn't selling very well with the fans, got to go back to the old standards they know and love:

    Flynn 1st atty - no great deed goes unpunished

    Truth as Casualty

    This is the problem. She could be totally innocent, but we would have no way of knowing because Bill Barr has shown us that we can't trust him to administer justice impartially. In fact, he has given us reason to suspect that every decision DOJ makes is drenched in politics.

    — Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) May 27, 2020

    The most significant omission in Lake’s essay is his argument that the FBI lacked predication for interviewing Flynn. His argument completely ignores the FBI’s counterintelligence mission and baselessly attacks the legitimacy of investigating Flynn’s potential criminal conduct.

    While not legally required, predication is an FBI internal policy that requires a factual basis to indicate the existence of criminal conduct or a national security threat before agents may start an investigation. This policy reflects the FBI’s dual mission to investigate federal crimes and to lead counterintelligence activities. Under its counterintelligence mission, the FBI is responsible for detecting and countering actions of foreign intelligence services to gather information about the United States that adversely affects our national interests.

    Flynn simple answers

    Incredible how the right/Team TrumpBarr keep trying to pretend an obvious US intelligence concern shouldn't be investigated, and keep lying about basic facts & documentation to "prove" that point.

    Flynn/Trump = colluding agents

    (with Barr, the AG heading DoJ, thinking it's ok for US citizens to actively work with foreign governments to derail official US policy)

    Hack GOP attys argue judges have no power

    "There is simply no basis upon which this Court can review and deny the Government's motion to dismiss, to which the defense has consented," they wrote.

    Yeah, like the police showing up to a domestic violence call when the wife decides she doesn't want to press charges...? The 30-day review was put into place to prevent corruption, not safeguard defendants - such as when a monster buys off the prosecution.

    Sure, judges have no say anymore.... sez Mitch the Federalist

    Flynn begs like a bitch, oh my

    Flynn discussed w Trump

    Mueller knew Trump knew

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