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    Two aerial photos of atomic bomb mushroom clouds, over two Japanese cities in 1945.

    Let us nuke North Korea
    I mean, I hate North Korea
    Of course I do not hate Koreans, of course.
    And that should make it all right.
    But damn! I hate North Korea.
    Why do we not use nuclear weapons?
    I mean we have nuclear weapons.
    And we have the best nuclear weapons.
    And North Korea has the worst nuclear weapons.
    If North Korea did attack us, we would just duck and cover?
    And so why do we not nuke North Korea??

    Well there is 'fall out'.
    I mean we should worry about the 'winds'.
    What if 'fall out' includes harm to South Korea?
    And what if 'fall out' injures the Chinese?
    Well, I suppose they would just duck and cover?
    And what if 'the winds change' and we injure Japan?
    Well we like Japan and they already know how to duck and cover?
    These WORRIES disclose other worries.
    Do they not?
    Of course, what happens to 20 million folks who know nothing
    that we (supposedly do) in North Korea?
    What if there are 19 million folks in North Korea who really
    are nice guys and gals and....
    And God saw how great was man's wickedness on earth, and how
    no desire that his heart conceived was ever anything but evil,
    he regretted that he had made man on the earth and his heart
    was grieved.
    (genesis Chapter 6, 5)
    I am worried right now.
    We have a tweeter who is Commander in Chief of our nation.
    And this orange haired leader who is in charge of all nuclear weapons.
    And this orange leader is without any idea of history but only of histrionics..
    And this orange leader is without gravitas.
    And we just must all meet our maker at the same time.
    Just tweeting to each other
    Just by swearing at each other
    Just by ignoring the pleas of each other.
    You can supply your own links.
    I am so lost right now.
    Of course I would wish to destroy North Korea.?
    Koreans are people too. 
    As they say:
    I am worried.
    HST worried.
    I might critique that HST came to the wrong conclusion.
    But HST had some foundation for his action?
    Now we have a psychopath in charge of our nuclear weapons.
    And this thought just got me today.
    This idea just got to me today as cable stations seem to assuage the truth? of what might actually happen? . . hahahaha
    But what about Koreans?
    I guess it is all okay as long as the 'atoms' miss us in the end?


    The Ezekiel quote in the clip from Pulp Fiction is the major theme that runs through the movie. It's resolved in the end when Jackson finally realizes what part others, and he, plays in the world described by that quote and decides to change.


    As I watch the fiasco that is our current national drama I wonder when or if any of the players, Trump, his supporters, his enablers, will realize who they are in the drama and decide to change.

    Ocean, YOU MAKE MY DAY!

    I awaken from my nap and there you are; understanding exactly what I am attempting to communicate.


    God I love Samuel Jackson.

    All righty then!

    Have a nice day.

    I'm just happy I had something I wanted to add to your post. I read all your blogs and like most of them but rarely have anything to add or disagree with. So I'm glad this time there was something to add and to let you know I value your contribution here even though I often have nothing to say.

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