Fascists Attack Protestors in NYC After Republican Sponsored Event

    A leader of the Facist, misogynist Proud Boys spoke at a Republican Club in Manhattan. They were invited by Republican members of the club. When they exited the building, they attacked a group of protesters 



    Here is commentary from the Proud Boy who spoke


    In previous interviews, McInnes has insisted that he is not a white supremacist or member of the alt-right. But his past comments include suggesting Muslims are “more violent” due to inbreeding, referring to Asians as “slopes,” and defending the use of the N-word. He’s written for VDARE.com, which the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as a "White Nationalist" hate group, and was recently banned by Twitter for violating the platform's policy on "violent extremist groups." Members of the Proud Boys were present at the white supremacist #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville where Heather Heyer was killed. 

    Still, Reilly said that the Republican organization does not have any misgivings about hosting McInnes, noting that the Proud Boy founder's views don't differ much from those of previous Metropolitan Club guests, like Tucker Carlson, Newt Gingrich, and Ann Coulter.

    "He is part of the right," Reilly told Gothamist. "We promote people and ideas of all kinds from the right. We're open to different views. We would never invite anyone who would incite violence."



    What is telling is that the Republican quoted in the articles does not view the Proud Boy leader as being outside the GOP’s audience

    Three Proud Boys were placed under arrest.




    If someone defaced your property and you go outside to punch their lights out, you are a criminal. If you gather a mob to kick them while they are on the ground, you and your friends are criminals. You should go to jail. 

    Notice that one Proud Boy records himself and appears to admit he participated in the violence. He seems unaware that the police are actively investigating. The knucklehead may.wind up being charged.

    Important thread on strategies to effectively counter Proud Boys https://t.co/S0OMeEyfpm

    — MACC NYC (@macc_nyc) October 13, 2018

    From that thread: doh! enlightened . Somebody from a leftist group thinking like a grownup and not an adolescent male playing at meatspace video games, go figure:

    The Proud Boys are white supremacist only in the sense that they know white supremacy evokes a response from the left.

    They don’t lose when they show up and get their asses kicked. That’s what they show up to do. They fucking loved PVD even though they got bloodied and wrecked.

    I think a lot of this is all "juvvie" stuff on all sides, whatever the age of the participants.They've learned that grand political memes and slurs draw attention. signify their existence/ego. It's the drama queen aspect, they get to playact roles in the physical world. Parents and educators used to call it "acting out." I recognize it because I used to idolizeit in the late 60's as a young teen, wanted to do it.. I.E. "taking it to the streets." Getting tear gassed: a badge of honor, so glamorous and exciting. Getting construction workers to throw stuff at you: awesome. Having older people hate you: cool!....

    To be taken seriously is a gift to them, all these street activists.

    And frankly, it was the same in the early part of the 20th century, a lot of "Greenwich Village" anarchist and similar activists were just young poseurs looking for glamour and excitement, not true believers. Demagogues like Hitler took this tendency and organized it and regimented it and legtimized it under organizations like the Hitler youth. Likewise, in many countries the tradition is to take the energy of  a bad youth and put him in the military. It doesn't sustain itself unless rigorously directed, like with ISIS.

    An article pointing out that the GOP, a major political party is adopting the Proud Boys. They are considered a part of the Conservative movement. This is not normal 



    Further proof to people like me who think people like you take them waaaaay too seriously. They are juvvie types enjoying role play:

    Those alt-right kids... https://t.co/QqndBWAUWM

    — Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) October 17, 2018

    And a very twisted one at that. Do they need to be whupped upside the head? Of course, but not by other juvvies playacting opposing fighters. By authorities, enforcing rule of law, for actions. Not thoughts, as we don't have have thought crimes in this country, you can be as mentally ill as you want as long as you're not physically acting out on others.

    Edit to add: thought crimes are regulated by peer pressure, that's how freedom of speech is supposed to work. So if you are like, say, Twitter, you say: scram, we don't want your stuff on our site, you are disgusting, make your own, we cater to majority interests and values, see if you can get an audience and someone to pay to keep the lights on.

    The Republican Club of Manhattan invited the Proud Boy leader to speak in their facility. The Club invited him because he fits into the Club’s definition of Conservative. This is the modern Republican Party. That is the reason we have to pay attention. They were violent in NYC and they were violent in Portland.


    The Manhattan Republicans are standing by their invitation to the hate group leader


    Yes, and liberal political activist pressure on the New Yorker festival made David Remnick remove him as a headliner when I would think most New Yorker subscribers would be interested in hearing him talk, even if lousily and loutishly, because then they would know what he's really like.

    And maybe if the very elite private Metropolitan Republican Club depended more upon grassroots Republican funders, they would have done the same. But they don't, they are a private club with dues paying members who thought it would be interesting to hear this guy for whatever reason, we don't know  precisely because they are a private club which supports the Republican party, but are not the Republican party.

    Likewise, there are pro-Israel clubs on the upper east side that might invite a radical Zionist or a Palestinian activist to speak even though the speaker's goals are not conducive to their own, for many reasons, including: understanding the enemy, or co-opting his message.

    Like there are many interesting and controversial speakers at the Upper West Side YMCA. And at the Geographical Society, where things are often wilder than one might expect....

    and yes, if you don't like the speaker hired by one of these private clubs, if you can get wind of their calendar, in NYC it is quite common to see people protesting outside. To most New Yorkers though, that's a big bore, and usually causes the rest of us not insignificant travel disruption. Because: they are a little private club, not the government, so what's the big deal?

    It is a big deal because the theme of justified violence against the Left began with Trump and has become a routine talking point used by Republicans.


    Edit to add 

    A private black Democratic Party  Club would be free to allow Louis Farrakhan to speak. They would also face questioning.


    more same, they are self-admitted juvvies:


    My main point is, you are obsessing over some little fringe trees when focus should be on the forest that is already there. This gets it right, including all the sarcastic comments:

    Thought that job had been filled..... https://t.co/35GUSXGhWU

    — John F. Harris (@harrispolitico) October 17, 2018

    When you take the fringe crazies seriously, all you are doing is giving them the attention they crave, which they are not getting from anyone in power, while you are also distracting attention which should be on things the people in power are trying to hide.

    You miss the fact that the forest is on fire and Trump is spreading the flames

    ”Good people on both sides”

    Excuse me, you made a thread about the fringe group Proud Boys and the Metropolitan Republican Club. And I am the one who is redirecting you to the current leader of the Republican party and those of that party and in the government following his lead.

    Edit to add: this is a new variation of your typical straw man. You don't really like to discuss anything with anyone real do you? You just want to make your own enemies, like in a video game.

    Governor Cuomo sees that the Manhattan Republicans, the Proud Boys, and Trump are all tied together. They represent one large problem.

    NEW YORK — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is questioning why state Republicans would have invited the founder of the far-right group the Proud Boys to speak in Manhattan, and blamed them and President Trump for violent clashesthat took place after the speech.


    Rep Steve King of Iowa endorses an anti-Semite for Mayor of Toronto


    The Republican. candidate for Governor of Florida has a history of racist comments


    More manifestations of a single large problem in the GOP

    These alt- right groups should not be notmalized

    An interview with a white supremacist on the “Today Show” played like an infomercial.


    These people are not normal.

    Trump praises a Republican thug who body slammed a reporter. This is why Republicans in Manhattan feel comfortable supporting the Proud Boys,


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