FBI recruiting black wimmin

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    By Derek Major @ BlackEnterprise.com, Sept. 15

    Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has appointed five Black women to the statewide bench in less than two years, something his 42 predecessors didn’t do combined.

    Polis, who took office in January 2019, appointed Frances Johnson for the 4th Judicial District Court in Colorado Springs in October 2019. The appointment made Johnson the first Black woman appointed to a district court position of general jurisdiction.

    A month later, Polis appointed [....]

    Still have trouble with this overuse of "women" as an adjective. I know there was a clever argument about "female" referring too much to anatomy, but now I focus on their marginalization with grammar? (I did finally accept "actor" for women after some arguments by Cate Blanchett, similar to my feelings about a girl who was inspired by "Almost Famous" and everyone assumed she wanted to be a groupie, not a music journalist)

    African American Mayors. Black Americans have become instrumental in US local government
    By Tann vom Hove, Senior Fellow, City Mayors Research* @ citymayors.com, Sept. 2020

    [...] Today, more than one third of America’s top-100 cities is governed by African Americans, with many mayors being women. Among the best know are Lori Lightfoot (Chicago), London Breed (San Francisco), Keisha Lance Bottoms (Atlanta) and Muriel Bowser (Washington DC). The first black woman mayor of a large US city was Jessie Rattley, who was elected Mayor of Newport News (Virginia) in 1986. She served four years.

    The most recently elected African American mayor is Elia Jones of Ferguson (Missouri), the town which in August 2014 made the news when Michael Brown, a black unarmed 18-year old teenager, was shot several times and killed by a white police officer. The police officer was later judged to have acted in self-defence.

    The vast majority of African American mayors belong to the Democratic Party. Research among 55 large US cities with black mayors shows that in July 2020 some 50 mayors were Democrats, four were Independents and only one was a member of the Republican Party [....]

    scroll down on page for chart

    Nationwide, though there's a few outliers, police forces pretty much have a percentage of black officers equal to the percentage of the general black population now. See:

    More black police officers, yet the killings persist

    By Courtenay BrownStef W. Kight @ Axios.com, June 8, 2020

    Looks to me like much better integration has been achieved as to percentage of black and white in police forces than in a lot of schools.

    Actually, it's probably other minorities that are much more screwed in the quota process here that is enforced by a lot of localities.

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