Fun Bumpersticker Time

    Any that you have seen, or would like to see, out there?

    Here are a few possibilities popping into my head of late:


    *Offshore the Republican Party
    *47% Veteran for Obama
    (or, where presidential outcome in the state is a foregone conclusion and the local Democratic House or Senate candidate needs the support more, sub in their name instead) 
    *47% Former Republican Retiree for Obama
    *Downsize the Republican House of Representatives
    *Believe in America, Mitt: Shut Down Your Cayman Island Tax Shelters



    President Romney would be the Bain of our existence.

    How in the hell are we going to create jobs in this country if we cannot invest in the Caymans, and Switzerland and other places where we can duly hide our capital for chrissakes!

    I am so damn sick of these commies attacking those who 'made it'!

    What have you ever accomplished for chrissakes?


    I think the last one, "What have you ever accomplished for chrissakes?" would make an awesome bumper sticker but I must confess I wouldn't have the guts to put it on any car newer than a 1997 Chevy Nova. 


    I hereby render unto Moat his 43rd Award for Line of the Day for this here Dagblog (and or Caffe) given to all of him from all of me!


    Mitt Romney in 2016!

    Ha.  He sure has been a gift that has kept giving. 

    No matter how many times I see Joe Scarborough react to Romney changing the chant from "Ryan, Ryan" to "Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan" by putting his face in his hands and saying "Sweet Jesus!" I laugh just as hard...Too bad THAT can't be encapsulated onto a bumper sticker...


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