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    Erymanthian Boar

    So the evil king sent Heracles after the Erymanthian Boar.
    And our hero managed to hunt for him over a year?
    Okay, so just to put some context in here....
    The wild boar has been a motif for at least fifteen
    thousand years.
    Gobekli Tepe is a site that sends us to ten thousand years ago;öbekli_Tepe
    and yet 'we' have only touched upon the first few strata of
    this magnificent 'edifice'?
    And yet at Tepe, here are these etched-in depictions of
    the wild boar.
    20160208054949!Wildschein, Nähe Pulverstampftor (cropped).jpg
    And yet...
    We only have to go back 1500 years or so and there is the
    sacred boar and King Arthur.
    We only have to go back a mere 800 years and there is the
    sacred boar and Robin Hood.
    The Jews who only represent a few million folks and the
    Muslims who represent over a billion folks,and they
    all eshew bacon?
    Heracles had just been ordered to 'catch' this miserable
    porcine monster.
    Now we really get into the levels of idiocy.
    Heracles must actually seek the advice of Charon as to how
    exactly he must discover and subsequently trap this monster.
    Snow appeared to be the key with regard to catching the
    sacred boar.
    So now the most unsacred boar is POTUS?
    Who could be more boorish than our Esteemed Leader?
    I mean this guy will hire a hooker four months following
    the birth of a son from his last mail ordered bride?
    This guy would never be recognized by a guy like Charon.
    Charon would think:
    Larry, Moe or Curly?
    Trump is the boar.
    And we must find some Heracles to find and secure
    our Boar?
    I lost this metaphor.
    But I shall work on it!
    We lost Neil.
    He still lives; he is just lost in illness.
    I knew about Neil before I discovered Dylan.
    I might have purchased his album prior to others.
    I just recall this guy.
    He did not just produce albums, he wrote for others
    He aint dead yet. but I always loved his art.
    I just recall this old song.
    You know Trump aint nuthin but a traveling reverend? A liar, a cheat and a 
    Trump is the biggest boor on the stage?
    Forgive us all.



    M boared w Heracles - waddabout Peracles?

    JESUS H CHRIST, I got a comment on something I logged on the wrong blog. hahhahah

    Well in answer to your inquiry:

    Heracles most probably lived around 1200 BC (before communism)

    Peracles most probably lived in the 5th century BC.

    Peracles appears to have been real (as opposed to the present Peracles).

    Sophocles most likely served as a soldier in Peracles' army.

    Plato once said:

    I knew Peracles, Peracles was a friend of mine, and you sir are no Peracles?

    I think Plato made this statement during some debate.

    Peracles did not like banquets but he evidently, like bouquets?

    Although I might be mixed up because Wiki says Pericles had some 'i' instead of an 'a'.

    But I do think that this Greek has been best known for this song:




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