Hillary said "Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done"

    Here's an interesting poll related to that, I think:

    Shows the benefit of not pandering to every constituency but being passionate about certain things? She said he's a "career politician" but people don't read him that way? Here's the thing: I'm not sure that this is the same as "likability" at all, it's more like "trustworthiness", which is different. People can trust who the guy or gal says they are. Doesn't necessarily mean they will like that guy or gal to run things for them, they might actually be scared of what that guy or gal wants to do. In any case, the benefit appears to be low to being sincere in politics? 40% or some such...might many not alternately want someone who tries to be charming to everyone as that signifies a willingness to horse trade with others?


    That's an insightful distinction. I'd add that being labeled a "career politician" is more a normative judgment than a factual description.

    PS Not that being the most popular guy in the Senate means anything in terms of electability.

    on your P.S. I am still puzzled by all the Senators who ran, I grew up hearing conventional wisdom is that they cannot win the presidency. That they are the bloviators who have no experience managing a damn thing much less a huge bureaucracy.

    I grew up reading about Donald Trump's brain getting transplanted into a psychotic cat. Times change.

    And that cat grew up to be President. Thanks for sharing. Shame it wasn't Heathcliff.

    More presidential trivia:

    This is absolutely AMAZING! Now I know we will win. Just one more example of how destiny has it's hand on the fate of the nation and how a higher power controls everything. These hints we find using the SCIENCE of mathematics and statistics is how that higher power shows us we have nothing to worry about.


    *IF* you donate to the Patreon link below my sig. Otherwise it all comes crashing down. Science is exacting. Be the Force!!!

    Did you know that only 5 presidents had a B in their name? WOW!. This means if we nominate Biden, Bloomberg, Bernie, or Buttigieg the odds against any of them winning are nearly 8 to 1. 

    It's more, depending on which name, but do you think it coincid nce we have Barr, Bolton, Bannon, Brett Kavanaugh, even little/not so little Barron... and Boris across the pond, all popping up in short order? 

    yeah things are Bad right now. how can we make them Wonderful? what person running can Win against trump?

    Wait, I think I can Work out the answer. What letter does it start With? Weird, I Wanted to say Warren Beatty, but he's just a hollyWood activist, plust that B in his name...

    we can have Everything We want if we make the right choice. with the right candidate we can Even Win the senate.

    That's Gibberish. Total Gossip-girl. America needs a candidate with True Grit, one who can Tout Genuine values, Talk Goodness instead of anger. Is there a Temple Goddess in the House?

    That's A Knife through my heart. we may have to settle for some who isn't an Awesome Kandidate but there are limits. does Anyone Know someone better?

    Not Awfully Konvenient tho Arguably Kourageous. But pretty much an All Out Challenge. If you Aren't Overly Choosy and can wait a spell...

    that's not Any Old Challenge that's a Heavy Challenge because it's Highly unConstitutional. we Have Candidates even if we can't agree on which one should get The Support. but if we're looking outside the current group let's look for someone who will Heed a Higher Calling to save us from this Hellish Conflagration.

    Holy Cocaine, batman, that's not Hades Cinders, that's full bore Hallowed Catechism reincarnation - too Hugely Clever by far, been there, done that, got the T shirk.

    Ah...You win.

    Seems they decided to just ignore & erase EW cuz they're bored.
    How is it they, meaning media I guess, can sniff and choose whatever they want
    without any conscientious effort to cover the campaign?
    Why can't they track the X candidates left & just say "oh, EW did this,
    didn't do that, said Y, response was Z, someone noted A, B, & C...
    Now we have AY - he did this, didn't do that, said Q...
    And BS did this, didn't do that....
    TS did this, didn't do that..."
    we're down to a handful of candidates plus the walk-ons -
    is it so tough for media to do its job?

    As someone noted, Bernie was expected to do well in Iowa & New Hampshire,
    Warren supposed to do well Super Tuesday.
    So there Bernie & Buttigieg did roughly as expected Iowa & New Hampshire - 
    so why are we surprised that Warren & Biden will still do as expected on Super Tuesday?

    "I'm sorry, you said you'd have the money on Friday, and here it is Thursday and you
    haven't given it to me yet - I'm so disappointed in you"

    AY, freshly knocked off his perch, searches for new Yang Bloods.
    16 good, 13 even better...

    Disproving the claim that it's only the right swarm that labels him a socialist:


    re: "nobody likes him". The following on VA made me think about this: should that actually be "nobody in the elite Dem establishment"? In VA, Warren shaping up to be the elite "populist" (I know, these are contrarian) establishment choice:

    The author day on the teevee I heard some talking head say something along the lines of "Bernie has not been a member of the Democratic party for most his long career." I thought it a smart talking point but I don't know where it would get one in this day and age...

    Zaid has a shot from Little Miss Sunshine on his Twitter home. Yes, that's the Democratic Party in a nutshell - a diverse crazed family committing internecine psychological warfare on a road trip from/to hell to fulfill a futile and laughable reality-defying dream. Somehow they identify the outsiders as the enemy in a quirky bonding moment.

    PS -Zaid also has a pretty good takedown of Bloomberg's record, why we shouldn't be so complacent.

    currently on a roll:

    will he have more faster rolling with gathering of moss after tonight's debate? ah that is question obviously exciting the sports political horse race fans

    Large rallies signifies a certain energy for a candidate but it doesn't in any way means he's going to win. 17,000 is a big rally but he's going to need 65 million votes at least. Trump had crowds this size and larger all the time while Hillary never got them and Hillary got 3 million more votes. Despite the crowds Trump needed an electoral college fluke to become president. Having an excited base doesn't mean you're going to win.

    Oh Jesus, pep rallies don't vote. Washington held an 800,000 vote primary that Hillary won by 5% even tho Bernie won the lower turnout caucus 3:1. Across the South, Democratic primaries of up to 1.3 million votes *each* went 2:1 Hillary over Bernie. But Bernie drew 17,000 at a pep rally, so let's call the goddamn race over, eh?


    hey, wow, lookit this, college-educated-white women in general seem to agree with Hillary about Bernie and his bros, whatta surprise:

    A week later as Bernie wins there appears to be a groundswell of movement towards his destruction, a flaw of Homeric proportions mounting. The "speak truth to power" guy is largely pissing people off, and while Trump merged his clique/absconded & absorbed the Never Trumpers, that seems unlikely to happen with Never Berners. 

    Also in a week Hillary seems to have gone frome tone deaf/"why won't she go away?" to yet again one of the most insightful and preminiscent figures on our political stage. While I couldn't be sure it would come, I've always been mindful of the adage, "to get where I am, I've had to kiss a lot of ass - right on the lips." It's a shame to be two-faced until you need both of them. Florida is a case in point. It's not just "pick a lane", it's "get out and direct traffic after a 14-car pileup at an intersection coming 3 directions."

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