Hmmm, Never Trumpers want to see him run with the Obamagate thing

    obviously thinks it will be totally counterproductive:


    After the DOJ successfully locked down many aspects of the Mueller Report in order to bring less attention to the events in question, it is odd that the Campaign would bring all that back into the light as a part of a cunning plan.

    Obama is doing commencement speeches and getting massive airtime. Michelle is on Netflix. Barack says Trump is incompetent. Trump is angry. Wouldn't be surprised if Obama is coordinating with Biden.Trump should be focused on the pandemic, but he is going after a shiny ball.

    As Graham put it, "be careful what you ask for."
    Brennan said he has not been interviewed by Durham yet and that he welcomes it. This gives me an idea.

    Have a symposium with Obama, Brennan, Yates, Rice, Comey, Strzok, McCabe, etc. talking about the origins of the investigation, peppering the narrative with references to un-redacted portions of the Mueller report and the people who evaded giving testimony.

    Have the discussion include why Flynn was fired as DIA because of this foreign influences and became a voice at RT. It was Flynn joining the Trump campaign that brought the Russian influence into question, not the other way around.

    It would be bad politics to hold such a symposium if Trump wasn't insisting that it all be talked about again as a means to undermine Biden. Rick Wilson is on to something.



    Interesting that yesterday he was not running against Joe Biden, but "radical left" and their partners, the liberal media, the latter his consistent sworn enemy, as we well know. I suspect this partly comes out of some campaign advisor's whisperings, mixed up with his own thoughts?

    Influence of Karl Rove, maybe? Doesn't sound like anything he'll stick with, he is too enamored of personal smears.

    in many instances, campaign writes itself:

    Here’s the White House press Secretary saying yesterday that Obama left them depleted stockpiles of medical supplies, and here’s a February press release about all the medical supplies the US government is sending to China.

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) May 17, 2020

    This is why he probably won't agree to debates. Debates would be breaking the delusional narratives right and left.

    Trump got rid of our hydroxychloroquine, dagnabbit, gave away all our needed supplies - why do the Chinese need all that for their pools? highly suspicious - batty even.

    I took Yglesias' point more to be that the people experiencing the shortages are naturally skeptical about explanations why the past owners of the bodega are responsible for why they do not stock what they do not have now.

    A raised eyebrow sometimes is more powerful than a word.

    This is why he probably won't agree to debates. Debates would be breaking the delusional narratives right and left.

    Whether one candidate or the other would dodge a debate is an interesting question. I think Trump would probably like a debate. His showing of his long established delusionary thinking would not change many minds on either side while Biden, if he was having one of his more and more common bad days might show up as no longer up to the task of answering even a softball question, much less being President. Of course the case could be made that that wouldn’t change many minds either as to who to vote for.  [I will vote to him if he lasts that long] Here’s hoping the *interesting* times ahead are not too far into the Chinese sense of the old saying.

    Are you quoting somebody in the second paragraph or speaking for yourself? The format is confusing.

    Sorry to not be clear. First sentence in italics quotes AA and the rest is my own composition of my own thoughts. 

    It  would be odd for Trump to turn down a debate.

    Agreed. If national averages of polling are about the same and Biden appears to be even slightly ahead I would expect him to dodge a debate. If they did do an online debate in their own respective studios I would like the first question to be whether or not they had a computer screen or teleprompter in view or hearing device or any other form of coaching help in play. 

    Trump can't read a teleprompter well enough to fool anyone. Not like Obama could. If he's being coached it will be obvious


    Once again we agree. A teleprompter would only confuse Trump and put him off his game. But, that is only half the story. With Biden it is a whole different story. 

    Perhaps. I read, I don't spend a lot of time watching news videos. I haven't watched Biden enough to know how well he could handle teleprompters or other means of coaching.

    Though he did refuse to be interviewed by Mueller.

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