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    I was just viewing some rerun of NCIS-LA and I saw Miguel Ferrer. He was a major character in this long running drama.

    Miguel died recently.

    He was a son of one of my favorite actors of all time.

    Jose of course played many interesting characters. His best portrayal in my humble opinion involved that of Cyrano de Bergerac.

    Jose Ferrer was much better in that role than Steve Martin, of course.

    I was much more prepared for Jose's death than Miguel's.

    Miguel was five years younger than I  when he died and Jose was decades older. hahhaha

    I bring up this subject because in my younger days, I would make fun of older folks who would read obits on a daily basis. hahahhaa


    Sam Shepard died a few days ago.

    I could live three or four lives without ever touching upon this man's achievements.

    Mr. Shepard wrote and produced and directed and acted....people like Sam make me feel even more meek than I really am.

    Of course I remind myself that there are over 7 billion folks on this planet and there are only a relatively few who could reach even a scintilla of fame as Mr. Shepard.

    And yet, Mr. Shepard is dead and I am not; so far.

    And I think that is why this song keeps playing in my head



    It will not go away.

    Robin Williams is not really dead.

    I might just 'hit' Youtube and view Robin anytime I wish.

    So might I use the same venue in order to view Sam Kinison or Bill Hicks or George Carlin or ....

    Or a hundred other artists.

    Ghosts abound on the internet.

    Now you might point out that we might read from Mark Twain or hundreds of other ancient pundits

    But there is a difference in this day and age as far as experiencing the dead.

    Or at least the ghosts of those caught on tape.

    And yet, I might discover hundreds of videos replaying Williams or Kinison or Hicks or.....

    And I used to make fun of old people reading the obits. ahhaahahah

    Sam Shepard's death just got to me today.

    We are all dying as Louis CK likes to point out.


    ​So here I am, an old man, reading or viewing obits.

    the end











    Ghosts abound on the internet ...


    Seeing dead people?

    Well, what’s so strange about that?

    It’s double vision …

      Our eyes followed their lives, but

      our hearts are where ghosts abound.  

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