if we want to stop mass shootings we must call them crackers

    I hate to say it but Trump has a point. If we want to stop mass shootings by Muslims we must call them Radical Islamic terrorists.  If only Obama had done this the Orlando shooting would never have happened

    We must face the fact that most mass shootings are committed by white men. The only way to stop this is to call them Cracker terrorists. Or perhaps Trailer Trash terrorists. It's the only way to stop it.


    I don't have an argument to offer against your statement but I don't understand it.
    In the small window of my experience, people who want to hurt others are not conditioned by how others talk about them.

    The proposition that declaring such acts as the result of "radical Islamic terrorists" would have changed the chances of them happening is not self evident.

    For myself, I like living in a system where acts of extreme violence are called crimes and the people who commit them are not recognized. Only their actions.

    Keep the blindfold on the lady holding the scales.

    Wow moat, this is surprising. I really thought that calling the white men that mostly do mass shootings Cracker terrorists would be as effective as Trump's and the republicans idea that calling other terrorists radical islamic terrorists would stop them. I remain convinced that would stop them though rmrd's powerful suggestion that we shout Beetlejuice would likely be just as effective too.

    Nope, "low-down varmints" and "good-fer-nothin scoundrels" are the time-honored elixir. Along with "Get thee away, spawn of Satan". Next thing you know we'll have the rabble performing exorcisms and chaos will ensue.

    Dagnabbit, you are employing irony again.
    I will just be in my room, tidying up.......

    yeah, yeah... doing the ironying, sweeping generalizations, dry observations... It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.


    If we call terrorists "Beetlejuice", they will go away. If we say "Candyman" three times, they will appear.

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