If your goal is to change culture--

    This is a good little example of how you go about effecting changing culture:

    Increasing visibility of non-conforming gender communities in stock photos @ CJR.org, March 26.

    When "family values" conservatives complain about the influence of "Hollywood liberals" and "the liberal media", this is what they mean. And they are not wrong that it can help usher along culture change. Far more than many protests or the like, which can produce counter-productive blowback.


    This benign approach will also produce blowback. The models are minded of the risks.

     “Since we were already dealing with a marginalized community, we wanted to make sure that our models clearly understood all the risks involved,” she says. Vice discussed these risks with all the models. Vice also worked with photographer Zackary Drucker, a trans woman, as well as trans and non-binary illustrators and editors. “My main concern as a photographer is making sure that my subjects are at ease, especially when you are dealing with subjects who are always viewed as outsiders,” Drucker says.

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