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    Interesting fact found on the way to look for something else

    Did you know that of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are corporations?

    The rest of them are countries. Including ours. At least it will be "ours" until the hostile takeover.

    See other interesting details about corporations here.


    As a complement to your link, I offer this:  And watch the video.  This is something we should be teaching our kids and grandkids.  The KochSuckers are already aiming propaganda corporate education at children.  They are waging their campaigns on so many fronts it is difficult to keep up.


    I hereby render unto TJ the Dayly Line of the Day for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of TJ from all of me.

    KochSuckers. hahahahaha

    Things go better with Koch!!

    Great link. (producers of the video) has its own link as well. It's a great video. In fact, I linked to it via fb yesterday. You are precisely on target in identifying who the enemy is in this existential war launched against the middle class. I just hope at this late date we get enough people to actually rise to the alarm and do everything they can - beginning with insisting their elected leaders do, as well - to fight back with all they've got before it's too late to mount an effective response.

    A key component of Walker's budget just about annihilates public education in this state whilst providing tens of millions in funding for charter schools and "privatized education." Pretty much delivers the kids to the feet of the Kochsuckers. The war continues unabated.

    Thanks for this, TJ.

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