Just a reminder - Russian disinfo

    Russian disinformation campaigns thrive on issues that are divisive to Americans. We are just tee'ing things up for nefarious actors to exploit & manipulate our society. We're our own worst enemy. I expect these issues to intensify in the lead up to the November 2020 election.

    — ColinPClarke (@ColinPClarke) May 28, 2020


    Doesn't need Russians help anymore? Just wondering...

    Trump shares video of supporter's "dead Democrat" comment https://t.co/TM4Fb0Rpsn

    — J. W. (@wolfjon4) May 28, 2020

    Doesn't need help from Russians, i.e., just in it for money/ratings/advertisers draw, I wanna get mine, do like Rush did?

    How one right-wing Virginia talk radio host is fueling backlash against social distancing https://t.co/YBdkAT21X7

    — Media Matters (@mmfa) May 28, 2020


    We're investigating ourselves

    (Russia laughs - heckuva job, Barr-ee!)

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