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    Latest development on YouTube shooter

    Additional info . . .

    This is more light on the following DagNews link posted by Richard Day.


    April 3, 2018 at 10:25 pm

    YouTube Shooting: Nasim Aghdam’s Father Says He Called Police Concerned About Her Anger At Company

    MENIFEE (CBSLA) — The family of the woman who went on a deadly shooting spree at YouTube’s headquarters in Northern California Tuesday says his daughter became upset with the streaming video company when they stopped paying her.

    The father told CBS2 News’ reporter Tina Patel that the woman identified as Nasim Aghdam had gone missing for a few days. He said he had called law enforcement in the San Diego area because he was concerned about her recent ire towards YouTube.

    nasim aghdam YouTube Shooting: Nasim Aghdams Father Says He Called Police Concerned About Her Anger At Company

    He said law enforcement authorities contacted him Tuesday at 2 a.m., telling him they had found his daughter safe in her car in Mountain View in Northern California. When the family realized that was near YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, they told police about her recent complaints about how the company was “ruining her life.” They claim police told them they would be keeping an eye on her.


    April 4, 2018 6:31 am | TPM News

    YouTube Shooting Suspect Told Family Members She ‘Hated’ The Company



    Aghdam “hated” YouTube and was angry that the company stopped paying her for videos she posted on the platform, her father, Ismail Aghdam, told the Bay Area News Group.

    On Monday, he called police to report his daughter missing after she didn’t answer the phone for two days and warned officers that she might go to YouTube, he said.

    Officers in Mountain View — about 30 miles (48 kilometers) from YouTube’s headquarters — found her sleeping in her car in a parking lot around 2 a.m. Tuesday but let her go after she refused to answer their questions. Aghdam didn’t appear to be a threat to herself or others, police spokeswoman Katie Nelson said.

    Nelson would not say whether officers had been warned that Aghdam might have been headed to YouTube headquarters.

    Earlier Tuesday, law enforcement said the shooting was being investigated as a domestic dispute but did not elaborate. It was not immediately clear why police later said the people shot were not specifically targeted.




    Well Ducky what have we learned?

    This NY Repub Congressman is sure the shooter was an illegal alien and

    that California safe cities are responsible for the shooting, cause aliens

    cause all of our problems.


    And Rohrbachering piece of shit just underlines why repubs suck. hahahaahahah

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    Oh and citizens and family members are not doing enough to warn the police?

    Well, like you document, there was a warning?

    Guns dont kill people, guns kill people?



    Hot tip to Rohrabacher: when you are on the right, you are supposed to support immigration from Iran especially by upper class non-Muslim Persians like her family was. If you don't do that, you risk losing AIPAC support.

    Maybe she was MEK?

    well, if she was, he is especially not supposed to be dissing her.

    (To be clear, all I read was that she was Baha'i.)

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    It gets more complicated: cops did what they were s'posed to, found the daughter of the missing report, sleeping in her car, and judged her not a danger, notified the family. Sometime shortly thereafter she went to a shooting range and then YouTube:

    YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam visited gun range, had contact with police before shooting

    @ NBC News, April 4, 12:55 pm ET

    [....] The family reported Aghdam missing on Monday and said she had been gone since Saturday. Police in Mountain View, which is southeast of San Bruno, said they found her sleeping in a car in a parking lot.

    The woman confirmed her identity after police matched her license plate to that of a missing person out of Southern California, a Mountain View police spokesperson said in an email. Her family was notified that she had been found.

    "According to our report, at no point in our contact with the woman did she indicate she was a threat to herself or others," the Mountain View police official said [....]

    YouTube Attacker Was Sometimes Admired, Sometimes Mocked in Iran



    A Social Media Star in Iran

    In Iran, Ms. Aghdam was known as “Green Nasim,” a social media star with followings on YouTube, Instagram and elsewhere who was sometimes admired and sometimes mocked.

    Ms. Aghdam had YouTube pages in Persian, Turkish and English. In several of her videos she stated that she had been born in Iran, in the city of Urmia, near the border with Turkey. She explained in videos that she and her family are members of the Baha’i faith, a persecuted minority in majority Muslim Iran.

    It was perhaps her inability to easily fit a stereotype that drew her to so many in Iran, where she had tens of thousands of followers on social media. Several of her colorful — and sometimes bizarre — videos had gone viral.

    Life in the United States had not been good, she said in one video posted last week. “There they kill you by ax,” she said of Iran. “Here they kill you with cotton” — an Iranian expression meaning to die by something that you do not know is dangerous.

    In another video, she responded to viewers who had begun to wonder if she was mentally ill: “I don’t have any special mental or physical disease, but I live on a planet filled with disease, disorders, perversions and injustices.”


    Handgun was Registered to Assailant

    Ms. Aghdam fired “multiple shots” from a Smith & Wesson 9-millimeter, semiautomatic handgun, which was registered to her, Ed Barberini, chief of the San Bruno police department, said on Wednesday. The gun was recovered at the scene.

    There is no evidence linking Ms. Aghdam to any of the shooting victims, Chief Barberini said.

    On Tuesday morning, before driving to the YouTube offices, Ms. Aghdam visited a local gun range, the police said. Investigators were searching two homes in Southern California associated with the suspect.

    Ms. Aghdam parked her car at a business near YouTube. She entered one of the company’s parking garages, and then walked into an outdoor courtyard where employees were eating lunch. The chief said that investigators were still trying to determine what level of security there was in the area leading to the courtyard. Zach Vorhies, a YouTube engineer, said on Tuesday that the dining area was accessible from an adjacent parking structure without an employee badge.


    the NYT just split off and developed the "viral in Iran" story as a separate story (with lots of detail including a video) for their Technology section with a new link, it's now here:

    ‘Vegan Bodybuilder’: How YouTube Attacker, Nasim Aghdam, Went Viral in Iran


    Nasim Najafi Aghdam, the Iranian-American who the police have identified as the woman who attacked YouTube on Tuesday, had a strong following for her often bizarre videos.

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